Everyone Has Cancer Cells in Their Body, This is How to Prevent Them from Becoming Tumors

The body is formed of multiple cells that constitute its various tissues and organs. These reproduce and multiply when the body needs to replace other cells. However, following various factors, body cells can experience lesions and transformations that can damage them and make them cancerous. And since these mutations are closely related to lifestyle and especially to food, changes are necessary. Here are some tips to prevent cancer.

Cancer is the disease of the century. It is the leading cause of death in countries around the world and can affect any part of the body. In fact there are different types of cancer, but the most common are breast cancer and colon cancer in women and lung cancer and prostate cancer in men.

The causes of cancer vary with each type, but some factors are particularly singled out because they may increase the risk of developing cancer, such as: smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity, stress, overweight, genetics, and exposure to carcinogens.

How the cancer develops?

The cancer usually takes several years to develop in adults. It can be born in any cell of the body and passes through different stages of development.

If the genes of a normal cell experience a damage it leads to mutation. Usually this problem is very common and to remedy the problem, the cell tries to repair this change, but when it is irreparable, the cell will be destroyed (apoptosis). Or, it may be that these two processes are lacking and the cell remains damaged with the risk of becoming cancerous.

Due to external factors, the cell changes and becomes cancerous.

At this point, the cell has all the characteristics of a cancer cell. It proliferates in an uncontrolled manner and leads to the formation of a tumor.

What are the characteristics of a cancer cell?

A cancer cell is a cell that multiplies constantly and in an abnormal way, because it no longer receives the signal to stop reproduction. It is no longer subject to the process of cell death, loses its identity and no longer fulfills its functions.

Cancer cells grow locally, but can spread to other tissues or organs. And in this case, it is called metastasis.

How to prevent cancer?
Knowing the causes of cancer, it is possible to prevent it by avoiding the risk factors. Here are some preventive measures to take to reduce the risk of cancer that can also be useful for people with cancer to slow its development and prevent recurrence.

Various studies have demonstrated the capacity of physical exercise to reduce the risk of cancer. Thus, a workout of 30 minutes per day is recommended to control the weight, stay healthy and prevent cancer.

Eat healthy
If certain foods are known to be carcinogenic there are some others prized for their anti-cancer effect. It is advisable to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably seasonal and organic. Prefer cruciferous, dark green vegetables, allium and citrus fruits, rich in nutrients necessary for proper functioning of the body and strengthening of the immune system. Whole grains, legumes, nuts and antioxidant spices (such as turmeric) are also recommended.

On the other hand, processed foods, refined sugars, red meats, cold cuts, excessive fat are to be avoided or eliminated. Most of these ingredients are associated with increased cancer risk.

Replace sugar with natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup and drink organic green tea for its antioxidant properties effective for preventing cancer.

Stop consuming alcohol and tobacco
According to WHO data, smoking is the leading cause of cancer mortality, followed by alcohol.

Stop smoking and stop drinking is essential to prevent cancer.

Avoid stress
It is very important to manage stress and stay away from stressful situations to prevent cancer. This phenomenon may increase the risk of cancer and is also linked to many other ailments.

People with cancer should also avoid stress and be positive in order to defeat this disease.

Source: mycentralhealth.com


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