Sweat Less by Eating These 10 Foods That Instantly Lower Your Body Temperature

Overheating can occur for many reasons – high ambient temperature, physical activity, intake of certain drugs, etc., but also from the food that we eat. Consumption of spicy foods, coffee and alcohol stimulate sweating, on the other hand, there are foods that lower the body temperature and can thereby reduce sweating.


This is one of the foods that will help you stop excessive sweating. Because it contains more than 90 percent of water it will help you stay hydrated in the summer heat. In addition, watermelon is fat-free food and contains vitamin A and C, and a lot of lycopene, antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

We suggest you the following recipe: cut the watermelon into cubes, pour a little olive oil, add some feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. For even better flavor, add a few fresh basil leaves.


Melon is even more invigorating, as it contains a lot of water, which is essential for your body in the hot summer days. You can afford to eat it in high quantities because, like a watermelon, it is low in calories. It contains a lot of potassium and is great for people who have problems with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We suggest you the following recipes: cut the melon into pieces and enjoy it as a snack or dessert. Cut the melon into slices, add some ham and pour a little bit honey. Use your imagination and add some melon pieces in many dishes, for example pasta.


Cucumbers contain a lot of water and are also ideal for weight loss, and should be therefore used regularly in your summer salads. Furthermore, they have a pleasant crunchy taste. Their laxative and detoxifying properties promote the removal of toxins from the body and that way maintain healthy skin and tissue. The body is supplied with phosphorus, zinc, calcium and vitamin B with the consumption of this vegetable.

Just add a few pieces or slices of cucumber it in your salads, to enjoy its benefits.


Radishes are one of the best foods for lowering body temperature because they contain a lot of water and vitamin C. Vitamin C also has a detoxifying and antioxidant effects. As a rich source of potassium, reduces the risk of stroke or kidney stones.

Cut radish into thin slices and mix it into a green salad or cold pasta.

Citrus fruits

Grapefruit, oranges, limes, lemons and other citrus fruits are excellent for lowering the body temperature. They have a lot of phytonutrients such as anthocyanins, flavones, vitamin C, polyphenols. They maintain the health of the skin and the immune system, speed up the metabolism and enhance the body’s ability to break down fat from the food.

Here is a simple recipe: drink a glass of water with lemon, in the morning which will filter out your body and decrease the body temperature.

Peaches and apricots

If you suffer from rashes and dry skin, this may be due to excessive body temperature. Just add peaches to your diet to get potassium, vitamin A and B12 and other nutrients that help in maintaining normal temperature and improve the appearance of the skin. Even apricots are an excellent food for lowering body temperature.

Here is a simple recipe: Prepare juice from few apricots and add some honey. This drink can extinguish your thirst in hot summer days.

Fenugreek and fennel

Both types of seeds help in cooling the body, thereby reducing perspiration. Fenugreek can be enjoyed raw. The seeds can also be ground into a powder and added to summer dishes. Grind the fennel seeds, place them in a glass of water and leave them overnight. In the morning drink the water in which you soaked the seeds – surely you will be less hot than usual.

Bitter foods

Certain foods give us “dry” feeling in the mouth – the taste of the food is astringent or bitter. In the mouth, after such foods actually taste of tannins remains, which help the body to absorb water. Consumption of this type of food increases the amount of water in the cells, and that way our body is cooled. Astringent foods are beans, lentils, grapes and bananas.

Green leafy vegetables

These types of vegetables are abundant in vitamins and nutrients. Most of them also have a lot of calcium, which plays an important role in lowering the body’s temperature, acting as a thermo-regulator.

Wholegrain foods

If you eat wholegrain foods, you will sweat less. They are full of magnesium, which relaxes the muscles and nerve cells. In addition, they improve the absorption of calcium in the body, which is important in maintaining normal body temperature.

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