Did you Know That There are Foods you Can Eat All you Want and Not Gain Weight? Here they are…

Here is a list of foods that you can eat all you want without worrying that you will gain weight.

They are not only low in calories and high in fiber, but also offer a myriad of health benefits.


A bowl of chopped celery: 16 calories

Celery is probably best known as the food with ‘negative calories’, which basically means that the body burns calories by digesting the food you eat.


Medium size pepper: 30 calories

You can eat pepper however you want, freshly chopped into sticks, added to the salad, baked – just be sure to be an integral part of your diet.


A bowl of chopped kale: 33 calories

Kale has found a place on all the lists of healthy foods and it would be wrong to omit it from your menu. People who have a low intake of this type of food always have a weight problem.


A bowl of chopped broccoli: 31 calories

Not only is on the list of low-calorie foods, but it is full of phytochemicals that fight cancer and is full of fiber. Eat a large portion of raw or steamed broccoli and you’ll be full for long time.

Red cabbage

A bowl of chopped cabbage: 22 calories

Every color of the food offers certain health benefits. When it comes to purple vegetables, they have particularly beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system.


A bowl of chopped cauliflower: 27 calories

When you want something to nibble, cauliflower is an excellent choice. If you are not a fan of raw cauliflower, you can cook it by steaming, add a little olive oil (but be careful, each tablespoon has 45 calories), add spices and a little lemon juice.


A bowl of spinach: 7 calories

Leafy vegetables are always a good choice. Besides being very low in calories, spinach is very beneficial to your body, especially if you are working a lot. When you eat green vegetables, your body will recover in an optimal way.

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