Frozen fruit: Yes or No? Are Frozen Fruits as Healthy as Fresh…Or Bad?

Many of us wonder whether frozen fruit is good or bad for the health. So it is definitely worth exploring this issue. It is clear that the fresh fruit from organic production maintains a slightly more nutrients than those from conventional production, but the essential question is whether the fruit that we buy in the stores is really fresh?

Fruits are often ripen on the long path from producer to buyer.

Well, the fruit coming from the local market is not a concern, but we must know that for some fruits the path from the country of manufacture to the store shelves sometimes is very long, in some cases is long as much as several months. Fruits are harvested while still unripe, of course, when they start their long trip on the road. Such fruits sometimes don’t develop properly, so they cannot produce vitamins and minerals such as that which are harvested when they are already ripe.

Fruits are losing nutrients faster in the refrigerator than in a freezer

Fruits and vegetables that are aimed to be frozen are harvested at the peak of ripeness and then immediately frozen, that way preserving the full flavor. So, in such a case they keep more nutrients. Freezing actually helps the fruits to keep almost all vitamins and minerals. Scientists have found that the fruits which are frozen immediately after harvesting contain more nutrients than the fruits which, after being harvested, were kept 3 days in a refrigerator.

Prematurely harvested fruit has fewer nutrients

Prematurely harvested fruit, which are then ripen on the long path from producer to consumer, has a much smaller range of nutrients. Although kiwis, which are matured in cellars, at first glance seems that are the same as the ones which ripe on the tree, but between them there is a significant difference in the richness of nutrients, as well as the taste.

So do not have reservations when buying frozen fruit it will have no bad consequences on your health. It is even better than the fruit purchased from a local grower and then kept in freezer for several days.

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