Air Pollution Causes Wrinkles and Premature Aging of the Skin

Recent studies have shown that toxins are the main cause of skin aging in polluted cities such as London, New York and Beijing. Toxic fumes in the air with the highest pollution are the causes of wrinkles and premature skin aging and cause some skin diseases, including eczema.

Peeling only aggravates the skin condition

Global cosmetics industry is now striving to find a solution in the form of compounds or creams, which would directly treat such damage. However, doctors warn that some traditional skin treatments, such as peeling may damage the skin since the pollution can exacerbate the condition.

It is known that air pollution causes millions of early deaths due to lung and heart disease; it is also associated with diabetes and mental health problems. However, its most visible potential adverse effect manifests itself on the skin.

Perfect skin in major cities is history

“All present traffic pollution is one of the most detrimental things to our skin, it simply ended the dream of a perfect skin, at least for those people who live and work in the most polluted traffic areas, unless they take appropriate steps to immediately protect their skin,” said Mervyn Matterson, beauty doctor from the Woodford Medical Center, UK.

“For the last 20 or 30 years the main reason for skin damage were UV rays, but now the air pollution is number one and will be for the next few decades” said the Director of the Leibnitz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, professor Jean Krutmann.

The main culprits, adverse PM and carbon dioxide

Air pollution in urban areas, which largely comes from traffic, contains tiny particles known as PM particles, then nitrogen dioxide and chemicals, among others polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. “It is quite clear that the PM particles have negative effect on the skin,” says Krutmann, whose research has shown that the particles give rise to a large number of age spots and wrinkles. However, recent studies have shown that nitrogen dioxide accelerates aging. According to the study conducted on group of people in Germany and China, scientists have come to the conclusion that the number of age spots on the skin increased by 25%, while in the meantime, pollution has increased relatively little, by 10 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic meter. Krutmann in the study also mentions other factors such as UV rays and inadequate nutrition, but adds that “at least for discolorations and age spots more than anything else pollution is the main factor.”

All Europe under attack

Dr. Krutmann points out that this is not a problem only in China and India, but all over the world, including Europe. “Both Paris and London are under attack; all major cities are the problem. Europe is a densely populated, tiny harmful particles that cause aging are transmitted by the wind, so that they are virtually impossible to escape.”

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