Eating for Beauty: 9 Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

Many skin health problems or skin diseases are already written in our DNA. Since this cannot be changed, you can help your skin in a different way – with a proper diet. It is the truth that eating habits play the main role in the general health of the body, and this holds also for the largest body organ, the skin. Try to introduce in your diet more of the following foodstuffs and results on your skin will not be unnoticeable.


Slices of cucumbers on the eyes are very well-known treatment against dark circles under the eyes, which is probably already tried method by most of the women. Cucumbers are great for the skin because they contain a lot of water to hydrate the skin and are effective in giving its youthful appearance and tenderness. By eating cucumbers you enter into your body plenty of vitamins B and C, folic acid, and minerals – zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties.


Seaweeds are rich in B-vitamins and minerals, such as iron, which is responsible for healthy blood flow and thereby contribute to shiny skin. They contain a lot of iodine, which stimulates the thyroid gland and metabolism. Spirulina or other algae may be added to smoothies, salads, snacks – the possibilities are many – or simply consumed in sushi.


Kale is an excellent source of “beauty” vitamins such as A, C and E, which is proven to have anti-aging properties and promote the growth of new cells. It also contains a lot of magnesium and calcium, which the skin desperately needs. Kale or leaf cabbage can be consumed as juice or as a salad.


The beautiful orange color of papaya is due to the high content of beta-carotene, which is good for the body, and has an extremely positive effect on the skin. Papaya enzyme is used in many face masks with peeling effect. Enjoying papaya helps healthy digestion, shiny skin and healthy eyes.

Sauerkraut and foods rich in probiotics

Probiotics are one of the biggest mysteries than clean the skin and give it radiant appearance. Namely, they promote the growth of good bacteria, which are needed for orderly digestion – and thus better transfer of nutrients throughout the body, including the skin. Probiotics are associated with B-vitamins, which are essential for a clean, youthful skin and are known for its anti-stress effect. Sauerkraut can be consumed as a salad or added to risotto.

Pumpkin seeds

They contain a lot of vitamin B and biotin, which are essential for strong hair, nails and skin. Pumpkin seeds contain many minerals such as zinc, which deficiency can lead to acne. You can add them to yogurt or salads, even in biscuits.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are an amazing source of essential fatty acids, which nourish the skin and scalp. In addition, they also contain antioxidants, which reduce damage caused by free radicals. Before consumption soak them in water or add them in puddings or smoothies.


Cabbage is high in fiber and other ingredients such as sulforaphane, which stimulates the anti-aging process. Moreover, it contains a lot of vitamin C. You can add sliced red cabbage regularly in your favorite salad.


Lemon can be added both in food and drinks – everything from water and tea to salads and salmon. Lemon supply us with vitamin C and enzymes proven to help rejuvenate liver tissues, and stimulate collagen production in the skin.

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