The Famous Lemonade Diet: Drop a Jeans Size in 7 Days

Besides healthy eating and physical activity, there is an effective diet to lose weight by drinking special lemonade!

The lemon diet assumes that digestion plays an important role when it comes to losing weight. When it is impaired, it hinders the absorption of nutrients and elimination of fat, which will naturally lead to storage of fat and toxins.

To eliminate these unwanted guests, there is nothing better than lemon, because it has multiple benefits for the liver, responsible for detoxification, as well as the digestive system.

During the first 24 hours of the diet, it is very important to drink 4 glasses of lemonade and eat 6 meals, 3 main meals and 3 snacks, respecting appropriate portions, of course. After this 24 hour detox, follow a 7 day diet.

Necessary ingredients for the lemonade:

  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 2 teaspoons of maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

Boil the water and add all the other ingredients. Let it cool for a few minutes before consuming.

Here is the menu to follow during 24 hours of detox:

  • Drink a glass of lemonade on empty stomach
  • Breakfast: a handful of raw almonds, fruit salad (apples, strawberries, pears, blueberries …) and natural yoghurt.
  • Snack 1: a glass of lemonade, ¼ cup of pumpkin or sunflower seeds and a banana.
  • Lunch: a bean salad seasoned with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little lemon juice
  • Snack2: a glass of lemonade and ¼ cup of dried nuts, or raw vegetables
  • Lunch: baked fish fillet with steamed vegetables and seasoned with lemon juice
  • Snack3: a glass of lemonade

Following this detox day, you need to start a 7 day diet:

  • Drink lemonade on an empty stomach
  • Follow the rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • Eat protein at every meal (vegetable origin, preferably)
  • Focus on whole grains and avoid sugar, refined products (white pasta, white bread …)
  • Consume healthy fats like nuts (for snacks) and fish (two servings per week)
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise 5 to 6 times per week

An example of a lemon diet daily menu:

  • Consume a glass of lemonade on empty stomach
  • Breakfast: a bowl of whole grain cereal accompanied with seeds, fruit and vegetable milk
  • Snack 1: glass of soybean milk and ¼ cup of nuts
  • Lunch: a portion of lean protein (white meat or fish fillet), a tomato, lettuce or cucumber and yogurt
  • Snack 2: a handful of sunflower seeds and peach
  • Dinner: brown rice (or wholemeal pasta) accompanied by a serving of protein and vegetables. For dessert, a small fruit compote.

This diet is certainly low calorie diet, but promotes satiety through the recommended nutritious food, which will result in a healthy weight loss. It is very important not to exceed 7 days of the diet.


This regime is not recommended for people who suffer from disorders of the gallbladder or stomach ulcers and are prone to kidney problems.

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