This is Why You Should NEVER Drink Tea With These Ingredients

If you value your life and if you want to keep your health never drink tea with these products…

People who regularly drink tea live longer, stay younger and are protected from dangerous diseases such as cancer. But this only applies if the tea is used in a proper and healthy way.

If you love tea, this information will be interesting for sure! Even the most beneficial varieties of tea can harm the body and cause huge damage to your health if for a long period of time you drink it like this:

How to properly drink tea?

1. The tea should not be very hot

If the tea is too hot the lining of the throat, esophagus and stomach can suffer, and moreover, one may develop abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. You shouldn’t drink hot tea with honey

It’s pretty well-known fact, but let’s repeat: if the honey is added to boiling water, it not loses all its health qualities, but it is a health hazard! When heated, the fructose contained in the honey, becomes oxidized, and it may cause tumors in the stomach and intestines.

3. Tea with milk is less beneficial than without

Milk reduces the amount of catechins contained in the tea. Catechins are powerful means of preventing the growth of cancer cells in the body.

4. No benefit of tea with sugar

It is best not to add any sugar in the tea. Thus the drink really becomes super healthy and keeps its healing qualities. Furthermore, following the same logic, you should not drink tea and eat biscuits or sugary foods.

5. Do not put lemon in the tea!

Such a combination may be refreshing, but it does not bear any health benefits. In some cases it can be even harmful. For example, tea with lemon is contraindicated in people with certain digestive problems. It’s better to do like this: drink some warm tea, then eat a slice of lemon and drink again. Such use of the tea will bring the greatest benefits to the body.

6. Don’t drink tea after drinking alcohol!

This is a real test for the kidneys. Tea contains theophylline which stimulates the production of urine into the kidneys. This can cause inflammation and other serious diseases.

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