If You Don’t Try You Won’t Succeed! Losing 13 Pounds in 8 Days is Possible With the WATER DIET!

Many nutritionists agree that you can lose weight simply by properly drinking water. This way of getting rid of excess weight has nothing to do with starvation. Sounds impossible? Then check for yourself!

Moreover, you can eat as usual, without depriving yourself of anything. All that is needed is to adhere to the following rules for drinking water.

Principles of water diet:

Before each meal you should drink water. If you have a small breakfast, then drink 1 cup, and if you like to eat a bit more then drink 2-3 cups.

Exactly 2 hours after a meal, drink the same amount of water as before eating.

During the water diet you can eat all the usual dishes, even drink a little alcohol, provided that each ½ cup of drink will be offset by 1 cup of water.

You can add a slice of lemon or a few drops of lemon juice into the water.

The amount of liquid (not including juice, tea, soups) should be at least 8 cups per day. But not more! 20-30 cups of water can lead to distortion of the urinary system.

Drinking fluids with meals is not recommended.

For faster weight loss, replace one daily intake of food with water.

Why the water diet works?

Reduced the feeling of hunger is due to the fact that the water fills the stomach.

Satiety during meals comes quickly, allowing you to not overeat.

Water speeds up the metabolism, removes toxins and waste.

The habit of constantly drinking water in its purest form will reduce the desire to drink other more caloric drinks.

Water diet is not recommended for people with:

Cardiovascular diseases;

Diseases of the urinary system;

Fluctuations in blood pressure;

Water diet is an effective way to lose weight if you are a bit lazy. The combination of suitable water regime and moderate physical activity is a really fast method to get rid of excess weight.

Try it, it won’t hurt you! And then share it with others!

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