A Simple Exercise to Get Rid of Back Pain and Pinched Sciatic Nerve / VIDEO /

Back pain can create discomfort and worries that last longer than expected.

There are many causes and reasons for back pain, but it feels equally uncomfortable. The end result is that we are forced to live in the expectation that the situation may worsen. Especially if proper measures are not taken in time.

Back pain sometimes goes away by itself. Sometimes disappears temporarily from all kinds of drugs and ointments, but it will surely be eliminated by only one thing – exercises.

Pinching of the sciatic nerve (sciatica) causes severe back pain and pain in the back of the thigh. This condition is typical for people aged 35-50 years old.

The sciatic nerve is one of the most important and largest nerves in the body. It stretches from the lumbar spine, this is the area of the sacrum, where usually the pain starts. Then this nerve continues down through the hips and reaches almost to the end of the leg. Its task is to send and receive signals to and from the lower extremities.

Sciatica (also called lumbosacral radiculitis) begins with discomfort and mild pain in the spine, feeling tired and sore legs. The pain became worse and intolerable, and can be spread across the entire back of the thigh and lower leg. If left untreated, the disease can cause permanent damage.

Fortunately you can get rid of the pain. The only thing you must have is free time and strong will.

In this video bellow you can see 5 useful tricks to overcome backaches and a really great exercise that will put an end to all inconveniences caused sciatica.

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