Very Simple and Easy Exercise Burn Belly Fat (VIDEO)

The number of people suffering from obesity and overweight in the world is increasing. This accumulation of fat not only affects the appearance, but it’s often a source of more or less serious health problems, especially if it occurs in the abdomen. To help you get rid of abdominal fat and have a nice flat stomach, we offer this simple and effective exercise.

When it comes to losing belly fat, you have to show a lot of patience and perseverance because it is particularly stubborn and difficult to remove. You must start by adopting a healthy lifestyle where stress and lack of sleep doesn’t belong. According to a study by the Wake Forest University, the abdominal fat levels in stressed monkeys were higher than in unstressed monkeys, regardless they are active or sedentary. In addition, another study by Yale University has shown that fat accumulation in the abdomen in rats, increases the secretion of cortisol – stress hormone – which, in turn, promotes fat storage.

Moreover, a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise and proper hydration are factors that maintain health and proper functioning of the body, and fight against over-production and storage of fat.

To help you eliminate the abdominal fat more quickly, reduce the waistline and get a flat stomach in two weeks, here is an easy and efficient exercise, which will allow you, at the same to strengthen th abdominal muscles and stabilize your spine.

Stomach vacuum exercise to eliminate abdominal fat and regain a flat stomach

Benefits of the exercise

This deep breathing exercise is very beneficial for the health. It does not require much effort, it increases your breathing capacity and therefore the amount of oxygen that enters your body. Breathing, which is a natural function, needs a source of energy to take place correctly. So deep breathing pushes the body to dip into its reserves to burn calories and turn them into energy. In addition, better oxygenation boosts the function of all organs of the body and allows for better absorption of nutrients in the intestine and accelerates the fat burning metabolism. Oxygen also helps to eliminate toxins through exhalation, prevents storage in adipose tissue and inhibits their fat storage stimulatory effect. Don’t forget that sufficient oxygen alleviates stress and reduces the cortisol levels in the blood, a hormone that promotes the production and accumulation of fat in the body.

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