There is Raw Honey and Fake Honey – How to Know Which One is Real Honey?

Raw honey is a source of health and longevity! But how to know which one is raw honey and which one is processed “regular honey”? Today, we will share with you the secret of how to distinguish the real from fake honey. We hope that these tips will be useful to you.

How to recognize a real honey

  1. Taste

The real honey, besides its sweet taste should be slight bitter and cause a slight burning sensation in the throat. It is best to buy honey from the farmer’s market, where you are able to taste the product.

  1. Aroma

Raw honey should have unobtrusive floral fragrance. Honey substitutes may have scent, or in some extreme cases – have sharp artificial flavor.

  1. Color

It is better to avoid buying honey with pronounced white hue; this feature can show that the bees were fed with sugar syrup.

Of course, this type of honey is much less beneficial to the health than the raw honey.

In early spring, on the market appears honey with dark copper hue. This color is normal for the fresh honey. But there are cases where unscrupulous sellers make dark honey from the previous year and promote it as fresh.

This color can be obtained if the crystallized honey from last year is melted. You must be very careful when buying fresh honey, it’s best to buy from a known beekeeper.

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