How to Overcome Motion Sickness – Tips and Natural Remedy

Motion sickness stems from inconsistencies of sensory information that flow in the eyes and ears, and other senses for balance. This inconsistency leads to nausea and vomiting, and sometimes also to headache and excessive sweating. Travel sickness is more common in children, because their senses for balance are not developed yet, and are more sensitive than adults. In most cases, it helps to focus on distant objects. If you suffer from travel sickness it is much easier to prevent than cure it. Check out how you can help yourself.

It is important where you sit

If you on a boat, you should know that the vibration is at the minimum in the middle of the boat. On the plane, it is recommended to sit next to the window because there are minimum vibrations. In a car, if you have a driver’s license, its best that you are the driver. Travel sickness never affects those who drive, because of the orientation senses and focus.

Cold air

In a car, open the window; you will suddenly feel a sense of relief. When you feel the fresh air, the weakness suddenly disappears. If you’re on a boat, go to the deck; do not stay inside a stuffy cabin.

Consume ginger

Ginger has been proven to prevent and eliminate the weaknesses and therefore enjoy it two hours before the trip, then also from time to time during the trip. Just grate some ginger and add it in a bottle of warm water, add the juice of one lemon and sweeten everything with honey. This tasty drink will help you travel without worries of getting travel sickness.

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