Here’s How to Lose Weight Naturally and Without Starving (or going crazy!)

Do you want to lose weight fast in a healthy and natural way? Check out the best tips to sculpt your figure without having to adopt a strict diet and use unhealthy solutions!

The causes of obesity and overweight

Obesity and overweight are generally the result of the current lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. Excessive stress, lack of exercise and poor diet (caloric, sugary and fatty foods…) are the most common causes of overweight and obesity.

Slimming diets

It is true that most people spend busy days at work, which is why they don’t exercise. But these is not the only way to lose weight, diet is also a crucial element in the weight loss process. To reduce excess weight, it is essential to improve your eating habits. You should start consuming natural foods; avoid fast food, pastries, sweets and fatty foods.

A good weight loss diet doesn’t last a week or 13 days, the ideal would be to change your eating habits and adopt essentially a long-term diet consisting of healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds…). Sufficient water intake and good sleep quality also are two important factors for a healthy lifestyle.

These tips can help you regain a beautiful silhouette and succeed in your weight loss diet:

  1. Every morning, drink a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of lemon juice.
  2. Reduce or stop drinking alcohol
  3. Do not eat after 6 pm
  4. Drink at least 6 cups of water per day
  5. Prefer eggs for breakfast to promote satiety
  6. Adding yogurt (made from goat’s milk) at breakfast is a great way to stave off hunger.
  7. Eat five small meals a day, consisted of small amounts of food (containing 2 snacks)
  8. For snacks, choose raw almonds and fresh fruit.
  9. Prefer wholemeal bread and don’t exceed 2 slices at each meal.

If you don’t improve your eating habits, while adopting regular physical activity and meditation sessions to control your stress, you will increase the risk of certain diseases and many health problems.

The most common diseases in people with obesity or overweight are: diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems (especially during sleep) and gallstones, among others.

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