SHOCKING: Cancer Is an Industry! It Was Curable for Long Time – Any Type of Cancer Can be Cured in 2-6 Weeks

Cancer at this time could be cured, said Dr. Leon Caldwell. This is important for everyone and everyone should know it. Cancer is curable. Cancer treatment – this is an industry with a budget of trillions of dollars. Do you really think that they will give you something to cure the disease?

Cancer has been curable for a long time, and because of the horrible and abnormal world order, millions have been killed and trillions of dollars were wasted. There are many cases throughout American history, when our own agency (FDA) had deliberately prescribed poison to people. We know that they will do anything to make a lot of money and “drug” the American people at the same time. Please wake up! Dr. Leon Caldwell (his website was stopped by the government because of its great success in the treatment of cancer.

“At that time, I had more than 35.000 patients and more than 2.2 million participants in workshops, who wrote to me, sending me comments and their life stories. I have more than seven million readers of my newsletters and reports. I am a physician, and in the opinion of leading experts, I have the highest rate of successful cancer treatment in the world,” categorically claims Dr. Caldwell. “In fact, I am confident that I can cure at least 90% of all cancer patients if I had a legal platform to work with these people”. If the patient is willing and still able to do whatever is necessary he will not need any surgery or chemotherapy or radiation exposure, there is no reason why cancer can’t be cured in most people,” he added.

“I’m sure I can cure cancer in few weeks or few months. But since the law and those who make money from the suffering and even death, I’m not allowed to apply my technique, I legally cannot even tell you what to do or not to do”, explains the doctor.

Here’s how the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry defends its trillions of dollars from the cancer industry. They “make politicians issue laws that kill people, or at least make them ill, and laws that don’t allow them to recover. They can only make you even sicker and eventually cause death, offering you a toxic, dangerous and cruel treatment,” states the doctor.

Any cancer can be cured in 2 to 6 weeks and there have been cancers that were cured in only a few minutes. Any doctor in the world who practiced medicine for at least 20 years, knows cases of sudden cure. There is even written a book written about it: Spontaneous Healing. Since this is possible, we must find a way to achieve it. Often pilgrims go to a place of healing, but the place doesn’t heal them, the hope and the journey to the place heals them.

First of all you need to get rid of acidity and toxemia. Our body should be enriched with oxygen, so when we eat green food, that is chlorophyll, the body gets a lot of oxygen, enough calcium, with proper diet and nutritional supplements containing micronutrients we are alkalizing the body. Once alkalized the cancer stops immediately. This process can take several days, several weeks, but will give results.

The body needs to be brought to a pH level of healing. The pH can be from 0 to 14. The seventh level is neutral and must become more alkaline thereof. The level of 7.36 is good, but during therapy it needs to reach to pH 7.5, and even higher in some cases.

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