This Fruit Stimulates Cell Regeneration and Protects the Blood Vessels

Aronia (black chokeberry) is a type of shrub, originating from North America – very much appreciated by the Indians, while in Europe it came as an ornamental plant. Its small dark purple fruits resemble blueberries and are extremely rich in antioxidants, which inhibit the aging process, provide better resistance and more energy. Aronia can also be planted in April in the home garden.

Aronia is ranked among the healthiest plants, its specialty is that it can grow even at very low temperatures – even in Scandinavia and Russia, where it is called Siberian blueberry. An interesting fact is that the fruits of Aronia mitigate the health problems associated with radioactivity, as population that have been subjected after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

It promotes cell regeneration

Black chokeberries contain a number of vitamins (C, E, B2 and B6), folic acid and anthocyanins. Aronia berries contain 3 percent bioflavonoids – phenolic compounds which act against molds and micro-organisms. In the body, they act as an antioxidant, thus protecting the body’s cells from the damage caused by the impact of free radicals. Enjoying chokeberries is recommended to all who wish to promote the process of cell regeneration.

Protects the heart and blood vessels

Anthocyanins are the coloring substances in chokeberries, biophenols and tannin (present few times more than in tropical fruits), protect the cardiovascular system and have beneficial effect on the connective tissues. All these ingredients are highly recommended for those who have problems with capillaries. The fruits of Aronia are very rich in vitamin C, which, helps strengthen the immune system.

How to consume the fruits of Aronia?

The fruits of Aronia for many people are bitter and sour, so it is better to enjoy them squeezed into juice. Astringency will reduce even if the fruit is mixed with milk, milk products or just add them in the smoothies. With dried fruit you can prepare tea. You can grind the dry fruits in a coffee grinder and thus will be ready to enjoy with water or can add them in pastries. Fresh fruits can be stored in the refrigerator for a week or two. Very tasty is the jam prepared from the fruit of aronia, combined with plums, pears and peaches. However, raw juice and marmalade from aronia is to be used within a few days. Products of the aronia can be sweetened with molasses (unrefined cane sugar), cinnamon or other spices added to them, such as ginger, cloves and anise.

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