6 Secrets to Never Have Pooping Problems!

Does it ever happen to feel “obstructed”? You’re not alone, 20% of women say they are constipated regularly. If the genetic factor is the cause, is not to be neglected. Effortless evacuation of the stool is a bit like having a perfect hair: Most get there because they have the right tools. To give you the best information, we consulted the best specialists.

1 – Eat foods rich in melatonin and drink plenty of water when you travel

It is essential to drink water at every opportunity. But when you are flying, especially for long flights, make sure to be hydrated. Passing from one time zone to another affects your circadian rhythm (overall biological processes over a period of 24 hours). Thus, the digestive system is disturbed which can cause constipation. Drink water in large quantities, it promotes better functioning of your intestines.

Melatonin in turn, regulates your body clock and reduces the risk of irritable bowel. Melatonin is found in many foods such as tomatoes, cherries, olives, rice, nuts, grapes, barley, etc. This hormone is produced by the pineal gland when it’s dark and it is inhibited when there is light. To benefit from a restful sleep and prevent disorders caused by irritable bowel syndrome, it is advisable to sleep at reasonable times and to get enough sleep (7-8 hours).

2 – Stay away from soft drinks

Prefer homemade lemonade. Indeed, too much sugary drinks (sodas, juices etc.) are a disaster for your digestion. Bad bacteria in your stomach love to feed on sugar which triggers a metabolic slowdown. So you will end up bloated and constipated. Your best ally remains healthy water. If you do not like the taste, add fruit or vegetables to improve the taste (berries, strawberry, cucumber, mint) which are at the same time excellent sources of fiber.

3 – Adopt a routine

Studies have shown that people who have no difficulties to evacuate their stools are those who go to the toilet every day at the same time. This usually happens during the 2 hours of waking and after breakfast. It is conceivable that you can’t always be available at the same time but if you ignore the call of your bowels you will be chronically constipated. For when the stool stays too long in your colon, they become dry and hard which makes them more difficult to evacuate.

4 – Get active but not too much

If you provide daily physical exercise at least 30 minutes, your transit will go like clockwork. But do not overdo it. Most professional athletes suffer from chronic diarrhea. When you do too much sport, your body diverts the blood needed for your stomach to your muscles which causes loose stools. If you intend exercising for more than an hour, prepare your bowel by not consuming coffee, fatty foods or high fiber at least 4-6 hours before exercise.

5 – Do yoga and meditate

Studies have shown that yoga is a good remedy against irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea and constipation). Two explanations: you move and yoga is an excellent anti-stress exercise. Many people link stress and anxiety with diarrhea but these two scourges can also have the opposite effect. They slow muscle contractions and cause constipation. If you do not move, choose an activity you find relaxing (dancing, walking by the sea or in the forest, take a warm bath etc.).

6 – Avoid taking laxatives

You can use various natural foods that function as laxatives to solve your constipation problem quickly and simple: bananas, apple cider vinegar, prunes, nuts, green tea etc.

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