Kill Tummy Fat With a Simple Bedtime Drink

Some people are desperate to lose weight, some even go under the knife. These methods are certainly effective and fast but are very expensive and can also have bad health consequences. So save your money and preserve your health, opting for conventional methods to burn fat. Try this natural beverage to remove abdominal fat and have a flat stomach.

In some people, fat piles up on the thighs or buttocks, while in others it is in the abdomen. Belly fat is particularly stubborn and may take more time to disappear.

Remember that to lose abdominal fat, in general, a healthy diet combined with regular exercise is essential. It is very important to eat fresh, unprocessed foods. Exercise, if you don’t have time to go to the gym, exercise at home. You don’t have to exercise for hours. 30 minutes can be more than enough, if the exercises are effective.

Also try to be more active. Instead of taking your car for short trips, take a walk, take the stairs rather than the elevator and try to stretch the legs during your breaks at work.

Along with these tips, try this amazing drink. It acts as a fat burner and will help you get the flat stomach you long so much.


    – 1/3 cup water
– 1 ginger root (1 inch)
– 1 cucumber
– Some parsley leaves
– ½ lemon

Wash the ingredients thoroughly; slice the cucumber and lemon into thin slices. Add water and let it infuse for a few hours. You can sweeten with honey or stevia. Take this drink every night before sleeping for 3 weeks.

Caution: Ginger is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women as well as diabetics.

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