10 Invaluable Tips From the Coach, Who Stopped Drinking Calories and Managed to Lose 160 Pounds!

When Joe Bernstein was only 25 years old, he weighs 340 pounds. Diets didn’t help. Then he decided to add to his life a few simple habits that finally lead to positive changes in appearance and self confidence. Now Joe helps other people with similar problems as a personal wellness coach.

Here we will show you to the 10 main rules of Joe and we hope you’ll achieve the same results!

  1. Don’t drink calories

 Don’t drink soda, juice and sweet tea. Only giving up those pleasures can help you lose 50 pounds in three months. Otherwise, you intake 2.000 calories a day.

  1. Forget about ready meals at work

Better grab from home quality lunch box with healthy ingredients prepared by hand.

  1. Spend less time on the road

This would not only save you just a few hours, but a bunch of nerves. And you can use the extra free time to cook something healthy and exercise.

  1. Learn to cook

A real treat! You can find many good recipes on the Internet, as well as cooking shows and courses which will be of great help.

  1. Understand the value of quality food

Choose local and fresh products that will “revive” your taste buds and will cause your body to “shrink” in volume.

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