What Destroys Your Thyroid Gland and How to Treat it Naturally With This Recipe!

It is located in the middle of the neck and is responsible for the production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland uses iodine to release growth hormones and regulate the metabolism and functions of the organs. So how to recognize when it is damaged? How to know the causes? And how to fix it by treating it naturally?

The thyroid gland has a major role in the proper functioning of the body: it regulates its temperature, sweating, balances the heartbeat, regulates sleep, metabolism… etc. It is very normal that when hit, the whole body is disturbed. According to scientific studies, there are more women affected by this disease than men.

Thyroid disorders are divided into two categories:

Hyperthyroidism: happens when there is an excessive secretion of hormones due to iodine overload.
Hypothyroidism: The opposite case is when there is an iodine deficiency and therefore a decrease of thyroid hormones. According to a survey, 0.5% of the US population is affected.

Thus, we must quickly detect thyroid disorders and know the symptoms to treat them in time.

The symptoms of thyroid disorders

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

Sleep disorders
Modified voice
Hair and nails damaged, dry and brittle.
A cardiac slowing
Muscle spasms
Concentration problems
Eating disorders
Digestive disorders (diarrhea, bloating …)

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism

Rapid heartbeat
Muscular weakness

The causes of thyroid disorders

Before treating, it is first necessary to prevent. And for that, one must be aware of all the things that damage the thyroid gland.


Pesticides are harmful to the overall health. According to a study, the daily use of pesticides damages the thyroid by reducing its functions and making it very difficult to lose weight.


It should be a banned product because of its harmful effects on the health. The plastic releases a chemical called antimony, which affects the thyroid gland and reduces its functions.


Bromine is a chemical used in cleaning swimming pools. It can be absorbed through the skin, air or food. It disrupts the nervous system and damages the organs like the liver, lungs and it cannot be a worse factor to destroy the thyroid gland.

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