6 Important Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Prevent Damaging

Brushing the teeth is an important part of the daily routine. But did you know that most people don’t brush their teeth properly? Check out the best method of brushing that will help you improve your oral hygiene and prevent diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease or gingivitis. Here are some easy tips to improve the teeth brushing!

  1. Improve your oral hygiene

Generally, you should change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months for good oral hygiene. For people who do not suffer from particular problems, it is best to use a soft toothbrush with fine hairs. Remember that you must stop the use of a toothbrush when the bristles are no longer free, and lose their flexibility.

  1. Toothpaste: product needed for oral hygiene

Toothpaste is a product essential to have clean, white and healthy teeth. The type of toothpaste is also important to prevent cavities, protect gums, remove plaque and keep a good breath. So remember by choosing your toothpaste according to the following criteria: prevents cavities, whitens, protects sensitive teeth or gums, etc.

  1. Sugar is not the only enemy of your teeth!

Generally, foods with excessive amounts of sugar like candy and sodas are bad for the teeth and contain a lot of acid that alter the enamel of the teeth. However, some “healthy” foods like oranges and coffee can degrade the quality of your teeth. But for good oral hygiene, simply brush your teeth 30 minutes or 1 hour after each meal, it allows the evacuation of some aggressive substances in saliva.

  1. Avoid quick teeth brush

Throughout the day, you try to accomplish your tasks quickly. But when it comes to brushing the teeth, it is important not to rush. It is important to take at least 2 minutes to brush your teeth thoroughly. The electric toothbrushes with timer can help you for a good oral hygiene.

  1. Brush your teeth smart!

You have to brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day. If you do it more than 3 times, you may damage the enamel and gums. Avoid being violent when brushing your teeth and try to brush smoothly to avoid attacking the gums and cause bleeding.

  1. Adopt a new routine

You probably brush your teeth the same way every day. Some dentists suggest that the majority of people start brushing on the same side. Generally, the area through which we start is much better brushed than the rest and the worst is the area brushed last. It is therefore important to start with a different area each time for a “uniform” brushing.

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