UNBELIEVABLE ! Here’s What Happens if You Eat Raw Garlic on Empty Stomach Every Day

While some crave its strong taste, others are repulsed by its smell. Yet all doctors agree on this fact: Garlic is the perfect condiment for health in terms of nutrition.

It proudly dominates the dishes of Mediterranean and Eastern kitchen, and it contains a thousand nutrition values that do wonders for the human body. In the world of traditional medicine, it is almost glorified since old times and it belongs among the most antioxidant foods in the world. It is also recognized as natural antibiotic par excellence. Its medicinal properties are innumerable for centuries and if consumed daily it can ensure longevity.

Nutritional values of garlic
It is first important to establish a small nutritional profile of this condiment because behind its multiple layers of leaves hides a heart rich in nutrient.

Indeed, 3.5 oz of garlic contain:
– Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C.
-6 g protein
– 3 g of fiber
– 379 mg of potassium
– 38 mg of calcium
– Lutein and zeaxanthin
– Phosphorus, sodium, copper and iron in smaller quantities.

The health benefits of garlic

It reduces hypertension
Garlic is the best natural remedy for high blood pressure because it helps control blood pressure and improves blood flow.

It has anti-inflammatory properties
Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for relieving pain of all types, especially joint pain such as arthritis.

It fights infections
It has protective, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties which naturally treat certain infections and prevent their spread. These may include fungi, external and internal bacterial infections, urinary tract infections. It is recommended to eat every day when suffering from infections to strengthen the immune system.

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