A Natural Homemade Recipe that Eliminates Fat!

Did you know that apple cider vinegar is a very effective natural remedy to fight against overweight and excess fat? 100% natural (when made with organic apples), apple cider vinegar speeds up the metabolism and boosts the immunity. Here is a recipe that will help you eliminate the fat from your body.

A Natural Homemade Recipe that Eliminates Fat

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Makeover for the Body

Apple cider vinegar is a multi-purpose product that enjoys great popularity. A real concentration of essential minerals (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, copper, magnesium), it is also rich in vitamins, antioxidants (polyphenols) and pectin (fiber). Moreover, it increases energy, boosts immunity and cleanses the body of bad toxins that clog the system.

Here’s how to make your own homemade apple cider vinegar to remove excess fat:
For this easy to prepare recipe, organic apples are more appropriate because they contain no trace of pesticides that may have a negative impact on their fermentation.
There are several methods to prepare apple cider vinegar at home. You can extract the juice or use the whole fruit.

1st Preparation Method

This first method is the fastest. Note that it takes at least two months to make a homemade apple cider vinegar. You will need to prepare a large glass jar and apple juice (at least 4 cups organic apple juice).
First, wash and peel your apples (remove the core) and put them in a juicer to obtain 4 cups juice. Then pour the juice into a large glass jar (the jar must be filled halfway to accelerate the fermentation process). Cover the jar with a lid to prevent oxygen from entering and to facilitate the spread of fermentation gases.

You should keep the jar at a temperature between 65 ° F and 70 ° F throughout the fermentation period that will last 6 weeks (one month minimum).

To make a good homemade apple cider vinegar, you need to use very ripe apples. There is another trick to speed up the fermentation by leaving some skin on the fruits before preparing the apple juice.

Then, after 6 weeks, you need to transform this juice into vinegar. For this you must again pour it into a large container and keep it in a warm place in your home (near heating or near a source of sunshine). Cover the container with a clean cloth and let it stand for three days (stir the mixture every day). After that, remove the cover and keep the container at an average temperature of 70 ° F. Once finished, you need to filter the vinegar and store in a dark bottle (to prevent light). So now you have 100% organic apple cider vinegar with no chemical additives and very beneficial to your health.

2nd Method of Preparation

If you want to apply the method with whole fruits, the procedure is almost identical. First, you’ll cut the apples and put them in a jar. Pour some water in the jar, cover with gauze and kept in a dark, warm place. But this method to make homemade apple cider vinegar requires … 6 months, so it is better to be patient! After 6 months, strain the mixture and pour it into a new larger jar. Cover the jar with a gauze and leave it for another 4-6 weeks. It’s finally ready!

How to Consume?

Every morning, instead of drinking coffee, dilute 2-3 teaspoons of homemade apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink this mixture on an empty stomach. You can add a tablespoon of honey to improve the taste.

What are the effects of this drink on your figure?

A number of factors come into consideration for a successful weight loss: regular exercise, balanced diet, metabolism, etc. However, this drink will accelerate weight loss and fat breakdown. Consumed regularly, homemade apple cider vinegar can help you lose up to 7 pounds naturally and effortlessly, in just one month.

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