An Easy Trick to Have Longer and Thicker Eyelashes Naturally

Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with naturally long and thick eyelashes, that give us a doe-eyed look. Fortunately for us, the mascara is the rescue, but with time, despite the fact that it is supposed to thicken our eyelashes, eventually weakens and accelerates their loss. But our cause is not lost! There are several natural tips on how to grow eyelashes quickly and make them stronger.

Many women have long and thick eyelashes, unlike those spoiled by nature. With time or due to the excessive use of mascara, eyelashes tend to be damaged and fall and regrowth is not fast. Some women opt for solutions such as eyelash extensions or false eyelashes to garnish their look, but these options are obviously not natural or permanent and are certainly not without side effects for the eyelashes.

For beautiful lashes, nothing better than natural tips that help speed up the growth, nourish and make them thicker. Note, however, that these natural alternatives don’t give immediate results and require some diligence to be effective.

How to have longer and thicker eyelashes naturally?

Here is a recipe with three types of oils that will help you naturally get the eyelashes of your dreams.


    – Coconut oil
– Castor oil
– Vitamin E oil

Take a small glass jar with a lid and mix thoroughly the 3 ingredients using equal amounts of each oil.

Use this mixture every night before sleeping and wash the next morning. You can apply it with your fingers or use a clean mascara brush.

The effects of this recipe are not visible overnight, but after a certain time you will notice an improvement. Follow this natural treatment for two or three months for best results.

Note that if you do not have one of these oils, you can replace one of them with olive oil, which is also very rich in nutrients and can have the same effect.

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