Uses of Hemp Seed Oil: Nature’s Perfect Food For Humanity

Before you think that we are talking about something illegal let us first clarify that hemp oil is produced from the seeds of edible hemp and does not contain intoxicating substances.

This oil has many virtues, which many research raises it above all other oils because it is rich in important nutrients for the human body. Not only that, regular consumption of a tablespoon of hemp oil every day also is a great help in combating many serious chronic illnesses. Although the cannabis plant is best known for the narcotic THC, which enjoyment is not legal, there are many more types of cannabis, many of which do not contain intoxicating and narcotic properties. Edible cannabis, from which hemp oil is produced, is such.

Hempseed oil, therefore, should not be confused with hash oil. The hemp oil is produced by cold press of the hemp seeds, and according to the evidence of many studies, it is the best of all oils health wise. It contains important components that are essential to mitigate certain chronic diseases. And although it seems that hemp oil is a new age fiction and modern fashion, it was widely known as foodstuff long before the Second World War. The prohibition of marijuana as drug after the war was followed by prohibition of the use of all other hemp products and so it made this miraculous oil to be forgotten for some time.

An important food source

Hemp oil is highly recommended because it is an excellent food source, rich in essential fatty acids and important vitamins that maintain and strengthen the immune system, but also it has great influence on the heart and blood vessels, premenstrual syndrome, skin diseases, diabetes, arthritis, chronic inflammation of the bladder as well as many other serious diseases, such as cancer.

Composition of the hempseed oil

Hemp oil is rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely important in the human diet. These account for nearly 90 percent of hempseed oil. While 50-70 per cent out of this represent linoleic fatty acids omega-6, 15-25 and alpha-linolenic fatty acids omega-3. Because of this richness, 10-20 grams of hemp seed oil contians daily nutritional needs of man only regarding these fatty acids. In addition to essential fatty acids, hemp oil is also a rich source of vitamins B-complex, vitamin E and provitamin A. Given the high content of gamma linolenic acid it is extremely important for therapeutic purposes.

Gamma linolenic acid

Gamma linolenic acid is the one of the essential fatty acid, which puts the hemp oil on a pedestal. However it is present in some other oils, but the fact is that the hemp oil is the only edible oil that contains this acis, and is an excellent and much more reasonable substitute for the much more expensive capsules with gamalinolensko acid. This is particularly important because it increases the formation of prostaglandins, which strengthen the immune system and accelerates the treatment of any inflammatory processes. Gamma linolenic acid is also essential in the treatment of many chronic conditions and infections such as skin and rheumatic diseases, as well as the complications of diabetes, cancer, heart and vascular diseases and many others.

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