Even the Endocrinologists Recommend This : Cures Polycystic Ovaries – Naturally Without Hormones!

Polycystic ovary syndrome is unfortunately familiar to many women and even girls. Poor nutrition and stress of the modern world contribute to hormonal disruption in the delicate female body, which are the main cause of this pathological condition.

Fatigue, depression, bad skin, irregular period cycle – this is only a small part of all the hassles that accompany women with polycystic ovaries. Many gynecologists prescribe the hormone treatment of this disease, but it is justified only in serious cases, for example, to overcome infertility.

To others is not recommended the use of hormones as they often promote rapid weight gain! Fortunately, there are friendly natural remedies that can help without worsening the situation and lead to obesity.

How to treat polycystic ovaries naturally

PCOS is not a disease but a symptom that may indicate serious trouble. In women with polycystic ovaries can be observed thyroid, pancreas or liver problems, and there is a high risk of obesity and infertility.

Natural treatment of polycystic ovaries includes treatment with medicinal plants and herbs that contribute to the normalization of the hormonal levels. Also pay attention to your diet: If you have a problem, you need to give up all sweets, sugar in any form, and pasta.

This is very important, since women suffering from polycystic ovaries generally have elevated levels of insulin in the blood, and high sensitivity to glucose. There is a high risk of developing diabetes if you do not pay attention to your diet! It is important to take simple and natural remedies.

Spearmint tea with thistle

Spearmint tea mixed with thistle may help reduce the amount of male hormones – androgens. It is advisable to opt out of coffee and replace it with a healing mint tea, in this case your hormones will return to normal in two months.

Green walnuts tincture

  1. Cut 100 green walnuts into 4 pieces. Put them in a jar, add 28 ounces sugar and 4 cups of vodka.

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  1. Close the jar tightly and leave the mixture for two weeks in a cool place.

Take the tincture 3 times a day, 2 tsp before eating.

Green walnuts are known for their healing properties and many health benefits. Please remember that your health depends on good nutrition. Share this article with your friends; it can be helpful to them!

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