CANCER WARNING: Stop Eating This “Food” Immediately !!!

Americans love sugar more than any other food.

They consumed about 11 million tons of sugar last year. This equates to 180 pounds per person. Children in the United States consume about 32 teaspoons per day.

Sugar is linked to all diseases found in the medical handbooks… insomnia, hair loss, obesity, allergies, bipolar disorder, hypertension, heart disease and of course diabetes.

Yet, many people still consider it safe for consumption.

But new research reveals the urgency of war against sugar. Scientists found that the worst attribute of sugar is that it supplies the spread of cancer, in particular breast cancer.

If removed from your diet it can actually reverse cancer growth.

Sugar: a powerful cancer fuel

Researchers at the Cancer Centre M.D. Anderson in Texas found that sugar has the ability to transform localized and non-threatening cancers in fatal malignant tumors that spread throughout the body.

“Most cancer patients don’t die from their primary tumor,” said researcher Lorenzo Cohen, who worked on the study. “They die of metastatic disease”.

The results help explain what oncologists have noticed for years … Patients who eat sugary foods are more likely to have advanced cancer.

The researchers used mice for their study. But they have developed a process mimicking the human diet. They fed mice with doses of sugar equivalent in proportion to the typical American diet. And they have used mice genetically predisposed to breast cancer, in the same way that many women are currently today. The results were alarming. After 6 months 50% of the mice had breast cancer.

Regular table sugar, or sucrose, is actually composed of two sugars: glucose and fructose. The study found that fructose caused tumors that grew more widely and rapidly than glucose.

Fructose is mainly processed by the liver, glucose, in the pancreas and other organs. These two different treatment systems could explain the results of the research.

Of course, the sugar industries attacked the study. They noted that fructose is found naturally in fruits. Researchers responded that a little fructose is necessary for the body. But Americans eat much more than it could ever be ingested by eating fruits.

And fruits contain fiber and other healthy components mixed with fructose. Soft drinks, a number one source of sugar in the US diet, provide no nutrition.

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