8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

Why would anyone want to become a vegetarian?

This is not a foolish matter, especially if you constantly see advertisements that depict the meat as something extremely delicious.

In fact, vegetarians are grouped into this category of people who miss everything that is good. But is this really the case? I guess is up to your definition of fun. Is living a long healthy life fun for you? Do you think this has a positive impact on everyone around you?

If so, the vegetarian diet could be the way forward.

Let’s get into the details.

8 things that happen when you become a vegetarian:

You protect the environment

According to researchers from the Smithsonian Institution, one shaves equivalent of seven football fields every minute to create space for billions of farmed animals. These all create tons of waste – much of which ends up in the rivers, together with all the antibiotic medications we give to livestock.

Because of this, and overfishing, experts say that the fish may disappear from our oceans by 2048. This will have a huge impact on marine life and the many ecosystems that depend on fish.

Your risk of type 2 diabetes decreases

40% of Americans are pre-diabetic. USA ranks second on the list of countries that consume the most meat.

Is this a coincidence? No way.

Many studies have shown that eating meat more than doubles your risk of diabetes type 2. On the other hand, a vegetarian diet can control many factors for diabetes like weight and cholesterol.

You get the right kind of protein

People are scared that they won’t get enough protein by not eating meat. And yes, this possibility exists. But eating a lot of meat leads to opposite problem – consuming too much protein. This is not good either.

The excess protein is transformed into fat, which obviously leads to a number of problems, including cancer and heart disease. The solution? Become a vegetarian, but do it the right way. Eat lots of things like oatmeal, beans and almonds. Protein should equal 10% of your total caloric intake.

You will reduce inflammation

Eating lots of meat causes inflammation all over your body. This inflammation, in turn, causes arthritis, heart attacks and stroke.

On the other hand, a proper vegetarian diet will naturally reduce inflammation by decreasing the level of C-reactive protein in your body.

Your level of bad cholesterol decreases

Processed meats (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc) contain lots of saturated fat. Consuming too much saturated fat causes great increase in LDL cholesterol. This bad cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease.

Studies have proved that switching to a vegetarian diet lowers your LDL cholesterol with same efficiency to that of anti-cholesterol drugs.

Your gut will love you

Did you know that you have a second brain in your gut? Seriously, your gut has an incredible network of neurons that can affect your mood. Eating a lot of meat and dairy products quickly makes important changes in your bowel bacteria responsible for its health. This leads to intestinal diseases and inflammation that will make you feel terrible.

According to Harvard scientists who discovered this, switching to a vegetarian diet restores and maintains a good balance in your gut.

You will live longer

Because of the many health benefits of a vegetarian diet, vegetarians prolong their life for about 6 to 9 years.

You can’t challenge this, right?

You will change your DNA to the best

Researchers have also found that being a vegetarian significantly decreases the expression of cancer genes. This kind of diet also lengthens the telomeres of your DNA chromosomes which typically shorten with age.

Thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but you don’t know where to start?

Start slowly. You can already start by eating meat only once or twice a week. Be sure to buy organic and hormone free local meat. Even low meat consumption can have significant benefits for your health!

Less meat means less acidity in the body!


Source: davidwolfe.com

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