Here are Some Case When you Can Use Dates Instead of Meds

Dates are the most complete and healthy fruit for your health. It’s an energy bomb and a concentrate of vitamins and fiber involved in the proper functioning of your digestive system. It is also a well-known fruit for its appetite suppressant effect often consumed in dietary regimes.

This is the friend of sportsmen because of its richness in nutrients and it is also the enemy of cholesterol. The list of benefits is long and non-exhaustive, so here the main virtues of dates and their effects on the curing of everyday ailments.

Dates are rich in glucose, fructose and sucrose, as well as vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6, potassium and calcium. Their energy value is 287 Kcal per 100g. This small fruit is an energy bomb alone and has various benefits.

Dates help treat diarrhea
The dates are involved in the proper functioning of the intestinal flora and promote the development of good bacteria in the intestines. They are also rich in iron and calcium and are good for treating diarrhea. Be sure to frequently consume if you have to.

Fight against constipation
Dates are excellent for the digestive system. In this same sense, they also promote the natural elimination of toxins from the body due to their rich content of fiber. If you are prone to occasional constipation, dates should become your best allies. You just have to leave some dates in a glass of water overnight and drink the water that will act like a powerful laxative.

Richness in iron
Anemic people should not be worried because the dates are the ideal solution for them because of their inexhaustible source of iron. Iron is essential to the human body because its role is to carry oxygen in the blood. Anemic should eat dates regularly to ensure a good intake of iron and decrease medication and dietary supplements.

Dates, good for the eyes
Eyes love it, because of their content of lutein and zeaxanthin, and are excellent due to pigments for the retina and improve the view. With age our eyes no longer have the same functions as in twenties; dates are there to prevent loss of vision.

Facilitate childbirth
Scientific studies have shown that when a pregnant woman consumes dates regularly few weeks before the due date, the childbirth is easier than if she does not consume. On the other hand, the sugars in the fruit (between 60 and 65%) allow women to have more energy and vitality because its body has lost its power with blood loss after childbirth. Also, dates allow young mothers to stimulate the hormones responsible for milk production.

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