This is How Your Body Tries to Warn You That You’re Eating Too Much Salt

Completely salty food is health-unfriendly. The body, for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, in particular, needs iodine, which source is often iodized salt. Yet with this spice it is not to overdo it, because combined with water causes number of health problems. What are the messages that body sends that you take too much salt? These are the four most obvious signs.

You have kidney problems
Overdoing it with salt leads to the accumulation of water in the body and high blood pressure, which has a detrimental effect on renal function. Experts argue that the particular individuals who have kidney problems, have to significantly restrict salt intake and adhere strictly to the diet recommended by the specialist.

Suddenly you feel bloated and swollen
Only one day of exaggeration with salt can cause water retention in the body, and thus swelling of the tissues. If you notice that your ring is too tight and you have swollen legs or your face is swollen, think about what you ate the day before. Your food was overly seasoned with salt.

You are often thirsty
Food with a high proportion of salt causes dehydration, which can’t be overcome even hours after you treated yourself with chips or pizza. If you really can’t resist, always drink as much water as possible while snacking chips, so the body maintain a suitable level of humidity.

Your blood pressure is high

An excessive amount of salt has a detrimental effect on the blood pressure and thus the health of the heart. Also in favor of our tireless pump is therefore something that should be seriously taken into account that you should not  consume salt more than five grams per day, which is the upper limit of the recommended daily intake.

Concealed where it would not be expected
It should be noted that salt most often is hidden in pre-prepared foods, soups, sauces, meat products and dishes, such as flaked and pastries where you would not expect.

It is important to read the declarations, where the food needs salt, add salt by using your fingers and not with salt shaker, since it is easier to control the amount of salt you add to food, avoid various salty snacks, in cooking replace the salt with spices, which provide good taste, while are not harmful to health.

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