Put 3 Lemons on Your Nightstand, This Trick will Change Your Life Forever, Believe it Or Not!

You’ve probably never done it or even thought about it, but once you know the effect it makes you can not do without. This old grandmother’s trick will change your life!

You’ve probably heard of negative energy or bad vibes around you. Maybe you don’t believe but it is a really existing fact. We are all surrounded by bad vibes and negative energy throughout the day, especially in the evening when we try to solve all the problems and hassles of everyday life. And while some are trying Feng Shui and others engaged in yoga, we offer a fruit miraculous virtues that would drive all the bad vibes out of your home. You think this is absurd? Read this article and you may change your mind!

Bad energies negatively impact your social, professional and personal life, and influence the state of your health. That is why it is very important to get rid of the negative energy around you and recharge with positive energy.

Here is the secret:


Lemon is a fruit that can neutralize the negative energy around us and transforms it into positive energy by restoring the harmony and serenity at home. This fruit has countless benefits, some of them are really amazing.

Good for the morale

This may be news to you, but the lemon is not good to your body and your beauty but also your mind. Indeed, this energy bomb has the power to actively fight against negative energies that make you feel bad. It actively reduces anxiety, anguish, stress and gives you a smile. You don’t believe? You lose nothing to try the following recipe.


There are several ways to use lemon to get rid of negative vibes.

First method:

Place 3 limes in different places of the house. If they rot or change color, must be replaced by new limes.

Second method:

Boil some rainwater and add lemon peel to infuse. You can then put this water in a spray bottle and use it anywhere in your home.

Third method:

Place in a bowl containing rice 9 fresh lemons including one in the middle and place the bowl on top of your fridge.

Fourth method:

Lemon also attracts love. Put in a bowl three fresh lemons cut into quarters and place them on your bedside table. This will eliminate the negative vibrations that you absorbed throughout the day, while you sleep.

Fifth method:

Cut a lemon into 4 so as to make a cross and surround it with a large circle of salt then put the bowl under your bed or next to it. The next morning, put the lemon in a plastic bag and make sure not to touch it, then throw the bag in the trash.

Repeat this procedure for 3 consecutive days and you will notice a significant improvement in your quality of life and mood.

These grandmother tricks are solution for those seeking serenity and positive energy, and do not forget: always keep smiling, it prolongs life.

Source: tophealthylife.com


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