5 Signs that Show you Need to Control your Appetite

A recent study reveals what many people already know: women are much less interested in sex when they want a sandwich. Hunger can change the behavior of a person. But what about when your hunger urges you to avoid human contact in order to find food right away? Here are some signs that it is time to learn in order to control your appetite.

5 Signs that Show you Need to Control your Appetite

You Frighten Your Dinner Companions


You’ve probably been in a situation when a friend of yours takes forever to decide between a Caesar salad and a chicken sandwich while you are ready to eat even before you are seated at the restaurant. And when she asks the waiter if the chicken is free-range and if the mayonnaise is homemade is the coup de grace: you are overwhelmed and your tolerance is at its lowest level. If you want to save your friendship, your best bet is to order a basket of bread next time you are starving at the restaurant with your girlfriend.

  1. You are close to an accident when you see food billboards

Equally dangerous and illegal to writing text messages behind the wheel, is reading a restaurant menu while driving. When you are hungry, it looks like your stomach is eating itself and all your attention is fixed on food, so that you lose all common sense. You can keep both hands on the wheel, but it’s likely that you are on a wrong lane due to the potato chips on which you focus your attention.

  1. Business meetings become torture chambers

It’s almost 1 pm and you’re trapped since 8:30 am in a conference room to listen to a man wearing an ugly gray suit. The donut box has long been reduced to a pile of crumbs and no more coffee. You can’t hear what your boss said about teamwork and customer satisfaction and, instead, you imagine trying to topple the table and say that you cannot bear all this.

  1. You don’t stop watching online cooking classes

Forget the funny videos of cats playing the trumpet. What you want, you is an instrumental course on how to make a sandwich with beef ribs, secret tricks to draw a plate of gourmet cheeses and the best recipe for cookies in the world. And you’re not even going to begin to make ice cream at home without the famous ice cream maker! Please, eat something before it is too late and you want to order plus a new machine to make bread.

  1. Innocent bystanders become enemies to kill

Valet just took a little more time to bring your car and you don’t tip before slamming the door. The beautician doing your manicure doesn’t seem to stop chatting with her colleagues while applying the topcoat, then you will give up and you leave the room angry and too bad if your nail polish is peeling! Then the teenager working at the counter at Subway’s takes its time to arrange the tomato slices on the sandwich you crave for hours. Suddenly you think to yourself “Why don’t you hurry up, dammit!” You shouted in your heart and then it came out of your mouth – and everyone in the line is looking at you as if you were a monster. These harmless citizens are merely unfortunate victims of your war fueled by hunger.

  1. You start having weird pizzas dreams

Of course, a daydream of pizza between sips of Chianti on a Roman terrace is normal. But traveling for miles to enjoy your favorite pizza? It is human after all. However, when your dreams become REM dream of a raid on a diner where you dive into tomato sauce tanks and store barrels of ricotta in your garage, it’s time to seek help.

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