Over 90% of Diseases are Due to Problems With the Colon. Learn How to Cleanse It!

Many people are not aware of this, but it is estimated that 90% of diseases and unhealthy body weight are due to problems with the colon.

This organ plays a critical role in the health of people. Its job is to get rid of toxins and waste products from the body. In the long run, these substances are capable of provoking serious health problems.

People, who suffer from indigestion, accumulate large amounts of food waste in the colon. Under the influence of high temperatures in the human body, they ferment and rot in no more than two days.

The toxins that accumulate in the intestines can pass to the liver through the aorta and scatter throughout the human body through the bloodstream. Thus provoking serious skin problems and occurrence of chronic diseases.

Diseases that the colon can cause

The colon is part of the natural detoxification system of the body. It plays an important role in it.

Even if you enjoy good digestion is important to make regular detoxification of the body to get rid of harmful waste products. If you don’t do it, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and are capable of provoking serious diseases.

Other disorders and diseases which are due to problems with the large intestine:


Weight gain

Mood swings

Constipation and slow passage of the food through the intestines

Back pain or headaches

Lack of energy

Weakened immune system


Bad breath and body odor


Skin rashes

Acne and blackheads


Stress, insomnia and anxiety

Different types of cancer

Hair Loss

Varicose veins

Why is it important to cleanse the colon?

Modern lifestyle brings with it a number of consequences, such as digestive problems and difficulty in removing waste products. This leads to an even greater accumulation of toxins and other substances that are harmful to the body.

Without a healthy diet and regular exercise the digestive system may experience serious problems with the removal of unnecessary products, taken with food, which over time accumulate in the colon.

The result is expressed in the storage of up to 9-11 lbs. of waste substances in the colon!

This may result in proliferation of bacteria and toxins in the body through the blood vessels that are found in the intestinal wall. Hence the development of chronic diseases is just a matter of time.

How do you know that you have problems with the colon and if it needs cleansing?

You can be sure that it is time to cleanse the colon when you start experiencing any of these symptoms:

Heaviness in the stomach

Fatigue and low energy levels

Gas and bloating

Slow digestion and unnecessary heartburn

Weight gain and permanent appetite for food

Allergies to certain foods

Frequent headaches

Sleep problems

Bad breath and constant thirst

Frequent common colds

Skin problems, including rashes, acne and dry skin

Red eyes or bags under them

Hair Loss

How to clean the colon?

To cleanse the colon, it is important to change some of your habits and be aware that some everyday decisions literally poison the body.

Some of the things you can do when you suffer from problems with the colon is to cleanse the digestive system and improve the overall quality of life. These include:

Consumption of healthy breakfast every day – particularly foods that are rich in fiber and water

Drinking a glass of water with lemon juice on an empty stomach

Improving the nutritional menu by increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water

At least 30 minutes exercise daily. This useful habit will improve the overall condition of the body and promote optimum digestion.

In some cases it might be a great idea if you do enema to stimulate the cleansing of the colon. You can use coffee or just saline solution. The most important thing is to learn to do enema properly to avoid unwanted complications.

Special juice for cleansing the colon

Once you have the above recommendations, it is time to stimulate your colon health through a combination of natural juices that have detoxifying properties. This juice combines the benefits of pineapple, cucumber and aloe vera. All three products are ideal for cleansing the colon.



2 oranges

1 lemon

2 slices of pineapple

1 cucumber

1 apple

Aloe Vera Gel



Squeeze the juice from the oranges and lemons. Pour them into a blender. Add the pineapple, peeled and sliced cucumber, apple and gel from an aloe vera leaf.

Blend all ingredients for several minutes. Add water, if necessary. Consume the resulting drink on an empty stomach. The course of cleansing continues for15 days.

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