Here’s How to Have Voluminous Hair and Stimulate Faster Growth

Stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal disorders are the main causes of hair loss. To prevent hair problem, stimulate your hair growth and reduce hair loss, use this remedy based on a powerful natural ingredient!

Generally, food plays a crucial role in terms of hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss, you must first focus on food!

How to stimulate hair growth through food?

Hair requires, like the skin, a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients for optimum growth. Here are the necessary nutrients to boost your hair growth:

The hair is partially composed of protein, keratin is one! Proteins are useful and effective to strengthen and condition hair while limit their breakage and loss.

Foods to choose: fish, meat, dairy products (preferably from goat milk), eggs…

Vitamin B
This vitamin stimulates hair growth and promotes cell regeneration of the hair follicle.

Foods to choose: cereals, green vegetables, lentils…

Iron ensures proper cell oxygenation for the prevention of hair loss. A lack of iron can lead to a sharp fall, brittle ends and dull hair.

Foods to choose: dried fruits, spinach, oysters…

This nutrient has antibacterial and sebo-regulating properties and contributes to the synthesis of proteins. Zinc promotes a good base for the roots!

Foods to choose: wheat germ, cocoa powder, oyster…

Hair loss can affect your appearance and lower your self confidence, but before using toxic chemicals, consider natural alternatives. They are healthier and are not dangerous to health and are very effective.

Here is a recipe to simulate natural hair growth


– 4 cups of water
– 1 to 2 handfuls of guava leaves (or 2 cups)

Preparation and Use
– In a pan, boil the water and add the guava leaves.
– Boil for about 20 minutes, then remove the pan and let cool.
– Strain the mixture and apply the guava tea on your hair and scalp in a circular motion.
– Then cover your hair with a shower cap and leave on all night.
– Rinse your hair in the morning. Use this remedy once a week for the desired results.

Benefits of guava leaves
Rich in antioxidants, guava leaves are high in vitamin B which is essential for healthy hair and rapid growth! These leaves are also beneficial to improve skin quality and can be of great help to people suffering from dengue fever.
The guava leaves are available in organic shops and herbalists.

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