This Plant That You Can Find at the Supermarket Can Cure 3 Major Diseases

Nowadays because of our perpetual race against time, we have no time to take care of our health. Stress, unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle habits have become common. Result: a soaring obesity rates in the world, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. To remedy this, we have for you a natural herb that will help you reduce your blood pressure, lose weight and regulate blood sugar.

Stevia is a sweet tasting aromatic plant, native to South America. Its sweetening effect and zero carbohydrate content make it an ideal substitute for refined sugar in a hypoglycemic diet or for diabetics. It is also rich in vitamins A & C, minerals (zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, etc.) and fiber.

In addition, stevia also has significant positive effects on health, and can treat these three common health problems.

1 – Stevia against type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is the result of insulin resistance that prevents the sugar from getting into the fat cells, which allows it to remain in the bloodstream, thereby increasing blood sugar levels. However, consumption of stevia tea or extract – not the refined devoid form of all benefits – helps regulate blood sugar levels and increase glucose tolerance. Moreover, several in vitro and in vivo studies have shown that glycosides, the active compounds of the stevia, stimulate the production of insulin by the pancreas. In addition, by replacing sugar with stevia, the daily calorie intake is significantly reduced, which is very beneficial for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

2 – Stevia against hypertension
The study conducted in 1992 by Haebisch and that of Chan in 2003 on hypertension showed that daily consumption of stevia would significantly reduce blood pressure, conducted on 168 hypertensive people divided into two groups. The second study lasted two years, during which the first group had to take 3 capsules of 500 mg of stevioside each, and the other had to take a placebo. At the end of the study, the first group saw its pressure drop considerably, while the second showed no change.

In fact, the effectiveness of stevia would be due to its vasodilatory action of stevioside that help the dilation of blood vessels and thus lower hypertension. This hypotensive effect is sustainable because it showed prolonged results several years after the end of the study.

3 – Stevia for weight loss
By replacing sugar or honey in your diet with stevia, you get two non-negligible advantages for your weight: a considerable reduction in your daily calorie intake and inhibition of sweet cravings and snacking cravings triggered by sudden glycemic spike, usually caused by sugar consumption. Thus, you reduce the amount of calories converted and stored as fat in your body.

Furthermore, the content of this plant, stevioside, has an anti-inflammatory effect that strengthens the defenses of the immune system and limits the aggressive effect of free radicals and toxins responsible for the overproduction of fat storage.

Although cases of allergy to stevia are rare, people allergic to other plants of the same family such as dandelion or chrysanthemum, must be vigilant.

It is also recommended, as a precaution, pregnant and breastfeeding women not to consume too much stevia.

People suffering from hypertension or diabetes who use stevia must conduct regular monitoring of their blood pressure and blood sugar levels to adjust the dosage of their medication.

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