Addicted to Sugar? Here’s How You Can Beat Your Cravings

 Although it sounds impossible, to stop the desire for sweets is very much feasible. Many people feel pleasure only when they complete their meal with dessert, although they are not hungry. To avoid cravings and to successfully control the desire for sweets, we must first understand what causes it. For many people the dessert after a meal is a matter of habit, so that it is in no way a serious need for sugar. It is something you want or something that your body needs.

Blame the unbalanced diet

One of the main culprits may also be an unbalanced diet, which leads to uneven levels of blood sugar. Meal, for example, consisted of mainly fast releasing refined starchy foods (these include, inter alia, white bread) cause a sudden rise in blood sugar already a short time after eating. The rapid jump of the sugar in the blood results, of course, is followed by equally rapid drop in blood sugar and a sudden desire for something sweet.

Hormonal imbalance

The reason for the craving for sugar can also be hormonal imbalance. Serotonin, also called the hormone of happiness, is also released in case of intake of sugar in our body. As we eat dessert, the level of serotonin in our brain increases, and consequently we feel satisfaction, we feel calmer and are generally happier.

End the habit and enjoy a short workout

The desire for sweets comes suddenly, but you should be aware that it will also suddenly disappear. Interrupt the routines that always lead you to the same result, that in the end you find yourself on the couch with biscuits and chocolate. If you start to crave something sweet while typing on the computer or watching a movie, go on a 30-minute walk or have a short workout. Physical activity is proven to improve mood as increase the level of serotonin in the brain. It is true that the level of this hormone rise as in the case with a piece or two of a chocolate cake, but there is a substantial difference from the first to the other situation. After intake of simple refined sugars the level of serotonin suddenly rises and then also suddenly drops, after training and jumping serotonin does not have that flash appeal: it increases slowly and provides a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction.

Sweeten the food with healthy sweeteners

Add to your meals natural sweetness, for example enjoy mashed sweet potatoes. Prepare red cabbage or carrot soup, add juice of freshly squeezed orange and a dash of cinnamon. Also dried apricots or prunes may enrich the taste of many sauces, from both meat and vegetables. After the meal enjoy a nutritious and naturally sweets, such as baked apples with walnuts or compote that you have sweetened with coconut sugar or stevia.

Eat balanced meals

Compose your menu in advance; your meals should be balanced. Choose foods with low glycemic index, limit the amount of carbohydrates, choose foods that will help maintain the stable level of sugar in your blood after a meal. Low glycemic index have, inter alia, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, legumes and most fruits. Even the protein should be on your menu to every day, but do not overdo it.

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