SHOCKING: Energy Drinks Contain “Bull Urine And Semen”!? (VIDEO)

Longhorn Livestock Business made a research that shocked the world. It is about energy drinks that include a component extracted from bull semen and urine. This research includes well known products like Beast, Red Bull and numerous others.

The component named by the Latin Taurusis Taurine and it means bull. Taurine is typically discovered in bulls’ urine, semen and livers.

Awful but true, Taurine is the most common active ingredient in all of the energy drinks and it’s a byproduct of bull testicles.

He will flare extraction of Taurine from the bulls. This video will shows, one worker of the company who provides lots of energy beverage business with this active ingredient.

He will flare extraction of Taurine from the bulls. It was accidentally made public, informing the secret that the company was keeping for years. The employee was fired for violating company policy in the exact same minute.



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