Here’s Why You Should Never Remove Hair From Your Nose!

Nowadays, we tend to remove any hair as soon as it arises! Underarms, bikini, legs, face … No region is spared. But some hairs, like nose hair should not be plucked. And the use of certain products may be a hazard to your health. Explanation.
Heres Why You Should Never Remove Hair From Your Nose

Removing the Hair: A Justified War?


In terms of personal hygiene, we have become “addicted” to waxing and the various products that abound in the cosmetic rays. But often, we tend to do things a bit insane to achieve zero hair! According to many health experts, some depilatory products are harmful to the health and can even cause illness.

Waxing: Method That Is Not Without Dangers

Waxing is widely decried by many technical health specialists. This is a simple but painful method that removes the hair in many parts of the body: legs, arms, face, etc. Almost all women (and many men) have already practiced waxing.
But this hair removal technique may have adverse consequences for the body. Why? The skin contains skin nerve endings that can be damaged when being shaved. The action of removing hair can cause severe inflammation of the shaved areas (repetitions), illnesses, encourage the presence of germs, occurrence of many infections and in some cases it can even lead to death!

Nose: A Very Sensitive Area That Should Not Be Depilated!

The skin of the nasal passages is particularly sensitive … If it is shaved regularly, you will damage the skin and even cause bleeding during the hair removal. Result: you create a breeding ground for proliferation of bacteria, parasites and fungi.
Another health problem that may appear: the presence of amoeba, which can develop into the hair follicles and easily reach the brain and destroy the nerves. Amoebas are microorganisms that enter through the nose and settle in the nasal mucosa. They can go up the olfactory nerve and destroy the brain. This infection can be fatal to humans!
That’s why you should think twice before removing the hairs on your nose! If it bothers you, it is better to remove the hair using scissors. On your next beauty salon visit think about the health consequences that this gesture can have.

Genitals: An Area to Be Treated With Moderation…


Shaving the genital area can also be a gesture with heavy consequences on the genital skin which is much more fragile than the other parts of your body. Indeed, the removal of pubic hair can cause irritation and even small wounds … These micro-tears create a breeding ground for diseases and bacterial infections such as STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), herpes, chlamydia, fungus, etc. Pubic hair play a protective role: their absence can cause infection. Removing the hair from the bikini area has even been a subject of an article published on the site where KevinMD Emily Gibson, director of a health center, warns against the dangers of this approach to women’s health.


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