Stop Migraine Pain with Salt!

Many people experience migraine, which is a condition when you feel pain in one side of the head. Normally women suffer more than men, but however is a state when you feel sick and blocked to do any physical or mental activities.

You can use many pain killers to ease the pain, but there are homemade remedies that are more effective, like salt, water, lemonade or lime juice. You can easily find them in your kitchen and get rid of that horrible pain in just a few seconds.

These three ingredients mix them all together, one glass of water, add the lemonade or lime juice and finally salt, but ensure that the concentration has a lot more salt then lemon juice.

The salt must be Himalayan pink salt because this type of salt it aids in hydrating you, by providing the body with electrolytes. Do not use other types of salt.

The lemon you can use it by rubbing on your forehead and getting relief. This mixture works for headaches and migraines.

It is a very simple recipe, you should try it next time you feel this kind of pain.

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