This Is What You Should NEVER Do In Your Car – IT MAY KILL YOU!

Everybody uses car nowadays, people barely walk, but there is a reason that can harm you every time you start to use your vehicle.

First of all always leave your car in the shade, if that is possible on the parking lot, or where the sun is not intensive, because if you leave your vehicle in shade, it can accumulate 400-800 mg of benzene, but if it is left in the sun with a temperature level higher than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then the level of benzene rises to 2000- 4000 mg, which is 40 times more than the allowed level.

And then because of the heat the first thing you do is you switch on the A/C leaving your windows closed. By doing this you breathe in all the benzene not knowing that you are harming your kidneys, liver and the bone tissue with this poison impact. It is recommended in the automobile’s handbook to first open the vehicle’s windows prior to switching on the A/C.

So the next time you are in the vehicle first open the windows for a couple of minutes before starting the engine leave the window open  to come in the cool air and then switch on the A/C.


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