Why People Suffer from Back Pain?

Unfortunately, back pain is a common condition. This is a discomfort that worsens or improves depending on the daily operations and activities, but generally it is pretty difficult to heal.

This article will give you some answers so that you can find the reason for the unpleasant back pain, as well as some tips to heal it naturally and improve your quality of life.

Why People Suffer from Back Pain

Beware of Injuries

The first thing you should do if you experience back pain for a few days or a week is to consult a specialist to be able to exclude any kind of trauma, especially if you’ve had an injury. This is the main reason that you should consider.

If there is no obvious trauma or if it is a chronic problem, from which you suffer, maybe there is some other reason such as those that are list below, so you can find exactly the one that will explain why.

The Back and Emotions

One of the reasons that is associated with problems in the back, although many people don’t believe, are the negative emotions. They cause a constant tension in the back, which is finally converted into chronic.
The more stress or emotional stress you experience, the more it hurts your back. Nervous people are not the only ones who suffer; this often happens with people who are introverted (don’t express their negative emotions).

Here is a short list of emotions that are associated with different parts of the back:

Rhomboid muscle: Anger

Trapezius muscle: Ignorance and Powerlessness

Neck: Too Much Responsibility

Upper back: Fear

Lumbar part: Dissatisfaction

If you want to cure the back problems and the associated emotions, you should consider that it is necessary to change something in yourself; you can always consult a therapist or take natural supplements that will help you.

The Back and Organs

Another explanation why you may have back problems, it is that is a reflection of an inflammation in the body which is close to the muscle. This causes excessive pressure on the area and thus obtaining inflammation.

Here is the link between the pain and organs:

Right trapezius muscle and right side of the back: liver and gallbladder

Left trapezius muscle and left side of the back: lungs and stomach

Neck: heart

Lumbar region: kidneys (top), intestines (middle) and respiratory (low)

Natural Remedies

In addition to looking for the cause, you can directly treat the pain with the following natural remedies:
Painkillers and anti-inflammatory potions with turmeric, willow and devil’s claw.
Local application of heat by means of hot water bag or heating pad.
Application of clay or ginger paws.
Application of anti-inflammatory creams with arsenic.

Useful Therapies

Finally, a major part of the treatment should be external and manually treatment of the painful area by ​​a professional, with regular treatments until the condition improves or completely disapperas.

Especially recommend is a relaxing massage to relax the area, but even better is to contact a good osteopaths or physiotherapist. The specialist will help you understand the physical imbalance that you experience – sometimes it turns out that you can improve significantly by changing some unnoticed habits.

In recent years neuromuscular bandage therapy has become very popular. They use adhesive elastic bands in many bright colors and bring great physical improvement. Many athletes use this technique which shows great effi

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