Find Out What Your Body Shape Reveals About Your Health

Many features of your body as your waistline, the length of your legs, or the size of your fingers can be important indicators of disease you may suffer. Find out what they can reveal about your health.


  1. The size of your bra

According to a 2008 study published by the Canadian Journal of Medical Association, women in their twenties who have D cup are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who have smaller breasts. This is due to adipose tissues present in the body part which is more sensitive to hormones, which affect insulin resistance.

What to do to prevent diabetes?

Eat a healthy diet: avoid eating red meat more than twice a week, opt for low carbohydrates (lentils, chickpeas etc.), little sweet fruit (apple), plain yogurt (preferably from goat milk) , etc. You can also use this interesting technique discovered by the researchers at the University of Arizona. Their study found that people with type 2 diabetes or another form of insulin resistance succeeded in lowering blood sugar levels by swallowing 2 tablespoons vinegar just before eating a meal high in carbohydrates. This ingredient contains acetic acid, which disarms certain digestive enzymes and releases glucose carbohydrate. Vinegar would have virtually the same effect as some medicines for lowering blood sugar levels.

Practice regular physical activity: make bike rides, for short trips prefer to walk instead of using your car, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. Doing these small activities every day will help you move more, without having to go to the gym.
Make sure to keep a stable weight and pay attention to the yo-yo effect.

  1. The length of your legs

According to British experts from the University of Bristol, women whose legs are shorter are at higher risk than others of contracting cardiovascular diseases. The study was conducted on more than 4.000 women aged between 60 to 79 years old. It was measured their height, weight, length of their legs and that of the trunk. It turned out that 31% of these women had already had heart problems. Their common feature is that the height of their legs was between 20 and 29 inches, healthier women had legs whose size was between 29 and 32 inches.

In addition, women whose legs are shorter, have a higher number of liver enzymes, which could cause liver disorders.
Therefore, avoid alcohol and other toxins like tobacco or coffee.

  1. The length of your fingers

British researcher, Dr. John Manning, argues that men whose index finger is longer than the ring finger are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, which may arise at the beginning of adulthood. On the other hand, women whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger are twice as likely to suffer from osteoarthritis with age. However, if women have their index and ring fingers the same size, it could indicate low estrogen levels, which increases the risk of bone diseases.

To prevent these diseases, be sure to exercise regularly and regulate your calcium intake.

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