Is Your Hair Damaged? This Popular Herb Allows You to Repair It

Is your hair dull, damaged and fragile? You’ve tried different cosmetic products without result? It may be time to opt for natural remedies. Curry leaves in particular are an excellent choice to limit hair loss and make it stronger and healthier.

Real asset of seduction, the hair is for many a symbol of femininity. However, when it starts to drop or deteriorate it can be a source of stress and decrease confidence.

Above all, be aware that it is normal to lose hair, as the loss does not exceed 100 hairs a day. But beyond this average, the fall becomes problematic and requires special care.

The hair is exposed daily to various factors, internal and external, that can damage, weaken and promote its fall. Some of them are stress, pollution, hormonal disorders, sun, poor diet and multiple chemicals used to treat it.

There are a variety of products on the market that promise to revitalize your hair, but end up doing more harm than good! That is why it is best to tap into the resources of Mother Nature and enjoy what it has to offer.

Curry leaves are particularly effective to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss. These dark green leaves are widely used in India, especially in cooking but can also be used for medicinal purposes. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are especially prized for lowering tension and relieve colic and diarrhea. Curry leaves are rich in nutrients and in particular contain protein, vitamins (A and B), as well as amino acids, and many substances beneficial to health in particular of the hair.

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