MANGOES: Kill Cancer, Burn Fat, Reduce Cholesterol And More! 11 Health Benefits Of Mango!

This tropical fruit which is seldom on our plate has many health benefits. The mango( lat. Mangifera indica Linn.)  belongs to the same family as poison oak and ivy, but it is not dangerous, moreover it is of enormous help for overall human health. It helps with digestion, battles cancer, weight-loss, etc. For some nations in the world is the most essential fruit.

Here below are all its health benefits, eleven of them:

1. Eye care – The Vitamin A, which is in the mango’s flesh, is essential for eye health. Also this vitamin is necessary for the development of teeth and bones.This is not the only vitamin that mango has, it is also loaded with vitamin C which is essential for the functioning of the immune system and collagen production. The Iron absorption is not complete without this vitamin.

2. BodyalkalizationMango is an alkaline food that stabilizes internal acid levels, for instance a pH balance lower than neutral is linked to muscle impairment, osteoporosis and kidney disease.
The anti-oxidants properties in mango serve as anti-inflammatories in the body, and it also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral impact. There is another important substance that this fruit has and that is, fisetin. Fistein is a phytochemical which is said to support the brain health.

3. Digestion – Eating mangocan help digestion thanks to the enzymes and fiber. It can also be a remedy for chronic constipation, there is a study that discovered the following:
Quote: “… the consumption of mango in the treatment of chronic constipation had greater subject adherence, improved specifications of intestinal evacuation, reduced the production of endotoxins, reduced inflammation, and increased the concentration of short chain fats, all of which have actually been developed to add to intestinal health and wellness.”

4. Fights CancerThe anti-oxidants like quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat can beat cancer, and they are all in the mango. Especially helps with the breast cancer which was confirmed in a study carried out at Texas A&M University discovering that mango minimizes cell proliferation and prevents forming new cancer cells:

Quote:“These results of the study suggest that the cell-killing effects of mango polyphenols are specific to cancer cells, where inflammation was decreased in both cancer and non-cancer cells, seemingly through the involvement of miRNA-21– short microRNA molecules connected with cancer … “

5. High Antioxidants Levels –
As a result of its high levels of urushiol found in the mango leaves which unfortunately aren’t easily available in grocery shops. Leaves had had various health uses in the past like: asthma, anemia, diarrhea, liver conditions, sleeping disorders, snakebite, etc. Another high antioxidant material is mangiferin, which is found in all parts of the mango tree (including the fruit), and has the ability to control healthy cell activity.

6. Weight loss – This fruit also functions as a pharmaceutical which deals with metabolic disorders. It prevents the increase of fat mass by which it lowers the LDL cholesterol. Moreover, mango is low on the glycemic index and promotes pancreas function. A four-week duration study was performed where a diabetic patient introduced mangoes in his diet, the result was “patient’s blood sugar levels were the same as non-diabetics”.

7. Great aphrodisiac – As a result of theamino acid arginine found in the mango, this fruit is a successful impotence treatment. Unfortunately, impotence is quite frequent nowadays mainly resulted from the stressful work. But, this fruit will help you with the virility and libido as it contains vitamin E that manages hormones and improves blood circulation, sperm production and libido activity for both males and females.

8. Enhances the Immune System – by consisting of vitamins C, A, and various carotenoids. Consuming mango can help you become more resistant to cold and flu, and other well-known diseases.

9. Lowers Cholesterol–Soluble fiber (definition = attracts water and turns to gel during digestion) is another component that the mango has. Itabsorbs cholesterol-rich bile produced by the liver by which it reduces cholesterol levels.Also the vitamin C protects arteries against damage.

10. Hydration – consuming mango you will stay hydrated on a scorch sunny day. Prepare yourself a refreshing drink: just slice up a mango, put it in a mixer with a little bit of water, and include ice by your own desire. It’s perfect for avoiding heat stroke.

11.Booster for Concentration and Memory – as a result of an incredible component called glutamine acid. This is a brain healthy protein. A research study discovered that:

Quote: “It clearly plays an important function in neuronal differentiation, migration, and survival in the developing brain… Glutamate likewise plays a vital function in synaptic maintenance and plasticity,” in plain words perfect fruit for concentration and memory.

Use of Mango – It can also be used as flour with magnificent nutrition values. Mango kernel flour is frequently used in India in most baked foods, with its great antioxidant properties and substantial level of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus proves to be more nutritious than wheat.

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