19 Reasons Why Frankincense Oil Is The “King Of Oils”!

Frankincense oil was even used in ancient times by the Egyptians, Assyrians, and Babylonians especially for spiritual ceremonies, but also as a resin for salves and balms. It is also known as “The king of Oils”,which was brought by the three wise men to the baby Jesus.

 This oil is extracted from Boswellia bark. The juice is milky-white which stiffens rapidly; therefore it is scraped off the tree in pear-shaped droplets. The quality of the resin differs from silver-coloured as the best quality and brown-yellow as the lowest quality.

Frankincense oil has many healing features, such as:

  1. It heals burn wounds, scrapes and cuts. However, combined with lavender oil gives extraordinary results. First use lavender oil on the affected area, and then apply the frankincense oil.
  2. This oil gives incredible neurological support. It really supports the function of the central nervous system. The use improves the clarity of mind, the emotional state which is of incredible help for the nervous system.
  3. It is perfect for reducing or eliminating scars, just mix some frankincense with coconut oil and rub it straight onto your skin.
  4. Rub or massage the balls of your feet by which you will stimulate an improvement of the immune system. Disperse the oil around your house for better results.
  5. It gives feeling of relaxation and tranquility, and lowers the anxiety and stress. Mix it with carrieroil(also known as base oil or vegetable oil) and apply it on your neck to experience instant anxiety relief and relaxation.
  6. Also it helps in improving your memory and balances your hormones levels.
  7. How to avoid aging skin? In order to have young skin combine this oil with some unscented oil and rub it on your skin .Also you can add some of the oil in your moisturizer.
  8. Other crucial Frankincense oil propertyis elimination of head tension and pain.
  9. It also helps withnasal and chest congestion. As usual fill a bowl with hot water, just now you put six drops of frankincense oil. Take a towel, cover your head and steam yourself. Breathe in the vapors minimum for five minutes.
  10. If you have an itching problem, just put some oil on the affected area and you will feel instant relief.
  11. If you have problems with joint pain and swelling, combine the oil with a carrier one and apply it on your joints before going to bed.
  12. To solve skin problems, put one drop on the affected area, twice a day.
  13. Everyone needs to be relaxed. Therefore, to achieve the effect of relaxation, put in the diffuser 5 to 6 drops of the oil. Inhale it and enjoy yourself. Also you can use it as a perfume,and have the relaxation feeling all day.
  14. It can be used as a remover of skin tags, moles and warts. Apply one drop three to four times a day until the skin irritation disappears.
  15. To improve your vision and clarity, put one to two drops of frankincense oil on your palm, then rub the index fingers in it and massage your temples.
  16. One of the most stubborn and difficult problems to get rid of in your home is an old musty smell. However, this oil solves this problem likewise, just put some drops in a pot of water and place it in your home.
  17. It improves oral health, prevents cavities, toothaches, bad breath,canker sores and similar infections. Make you own natural toothpaste and avoid all these problems. Mix the oil with baking soda and coconut oil.
  18. Sleep like a baby;disperse the oil in your bedroom before going to bed.
  19. By combining frankincense oil with other oils itenhances the effectiveness of essential oils.


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