INCREDIBLE: Denmark Will Be The First Country On The Planet That Will Become 100% Organic!

The Danish government has decided to transform the entire country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming.

Their country’s national organic brand has been in business for 25 years, making it one of the oldest organic brands in the world.

Plus, the Danish government is working in multiple ways to convert the entire country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming.

The federal government invested a lot of money to this idea and so far Denmark has shown its love to organic food. As part of the plan, government land will be cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods only. The government will also support and finance people working and investing in this sector to develop new technologies and ideas.

The federal government has 2 primary angles of implementation: one is to turn traditional farmland into natural, while the other is to promote increased need for organic products.

Federal government will support and fund those working and investing in this sector, to establish brand-new technologies and concepts that help promote growth.

 The first organic target is the organic food to be served in schools and healthcare facilities. We will commit ourselves to, among other things, have more organic items on the menu in canteens, hospitals and daycare institutions,” Food and Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen said.  “We want to raise the level of consciousness that children and young people have about organics, and through the ongoing educational reform we are improving education in organic farming and production in science classes and in the new classes about food,” says Minister of Education Christine Antorini.


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