Here’s Why You Should Stop Eating Nutella! It Is Poisonous For You And Your Family!

Nutella is a well known product all over the world produced by the company Ferrero, since 1965, but not many people know that it has ingredients that can harm your health.Nutella contains palm oil, cocoa, reduced minerals, soy lecithins such as emulsifier, sugar, hazelnut, skim milk, whey, and vanillin.

These are not safe ingredients that should not be components of Nutella or any other product, because they are full with artificial preservatives and synthetic colors. The company state that the ingredients are not harmful but reading the declaration you will see that they are wrong.

Vanillin– an artificial flavor (MSG)

Vanillin flavor and scent are chemicals which are produced cheaply thanks to the advanced technology. The worst part of vanillin is that it contains unlabeled MSG. It is not a nutrient, vitamin, or mineral and has no health benefits. The part of MSG that negatively affects the human body is the “glutamate”, not the sodium. The breakdown of MSG typically consists of 78% glutamate, 12% sodium, and about 10% water.

As an excitotoxin, makes the Nutella taste better, but according to scientist, excitotoxins provokes advancement of migraines, infections, endocrine disorders, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, unusual neural advancement, obesity, Parkinson’s illness, etc.

Palm oil
This oil, which is taken from the palm tree, is used in many processed foods. It’s the second most popular food oil on earth. It can raise the cholesterol levels in the blood, leading to serious heart disease.
It may provoke organ toxicity in kidney, lungs, liver, and heart.

Soy lecithin

The term ‘lecithin’ can have different meanings depending on the context, but for our purposes, it refers to a mixture of phospholipids and oil. Phospholipids are a component of the cell membrane in all plants and animals, but lecithin is most often derived from sunflower kernels, rapeseed (canola), milk, soy, and egg yolks.

It’s used as an emulsifier which keeps the fats and water from separation in the food, and it protects the food from spoilage, which suggests that it expands the life of the products on the market shelves.

More than 90 percent of the soy sources are GMO, which can cause reduced fertility, allergic reactions, and immunological modifications.

During growth and processing soybean oil is exposed to certain pesticides that may have negative effects on human health. These pesticides also seem to survive processing.4 This may seem like the perfect opportunity to abandon the soy ship, but the reality is we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals a day.

Reduced minerals whey

 The minerals are removed by physical separation techniques such as precipitation, filtration or dialysis. Safe and suitable pH-adjusting ingredients can be used to adjust the acidity of Reduced Minerals Whey. This product is often used in infant foods, soups, sauces, bakery products, etc.
Levels of demineralization of this type of whey can exceed 90% making this ingredient completely useless in terms of nutrition.

So dump this toxic brew of a spread and opt for healthier alternatives .


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