Tommy Chong, A Canadian-American Comedian: “I’m Cancer-Free” Thanks To Hemp Oil And The Right Diet!

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it seems like is a definite death sentence, that there is no cure and the patients are usually scared and they do not know what to expect.

Tommy Chong from Canada was refused to take any chemotherapy and chemicals to treat his cancer, instead he took the road totally NATURAL.

He declared himself cancer-free to the world, back in 2013, thankfully to his rigorous diet plan and an extra ingredient– hemp oil supplement.

Chong’s Healing Technique

When Chong was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was offer a treatment in Mexico for $25,000 which he refused and accept much more better and natural alternatives.

That is when he met Dr. McKinnon from Victoria, British Columbia. He was given a brand-new completely strict diet plan and supplement day-to-day routine, and one year later, he stated that he beat cancer and that he is cancer free.

Chong claims that the magic plant effectively cures cancer when you stick with the right diet plan. He also said that he still feels like he did when he was young.

He is not the only one to tell this extraordinary story, there are other survivors who claimed that they were also cured trying this natural method and denying chemotherapy.

The medical facilities should all work together to treat the patient and to give them the best care they need, whether is the physical diet part as well as the psychological one. So it is very important the state of mind not only the diet.

The experience of Chong and his story of how he survived prostate cancer is one of many and we all have to start taking the natural cancer treatments and protocols very serious and we need to acknowledge the true significance of hemp to the alternative medicine.


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