12 Things That Should Not Be Refrigerated!

Nowadays, having a refrigerator is a necessity, as everyone keeps their food in it. However, not every food is kept in a fridge. Some of the food may lose its taste or even change the texture, and some may spoil as a result of the condensation in the fridge.

Here below, are products which are recommended to be kept in a fridge.

  1. Coffee no longer has its taste if kept in a fridge. It also absorbs all other fragrances from the refrigerator.
  2. Garlic sprouts faster and grows mold in a fridge.
  3. Honey is kept in a room temperature. When put in a fridge it thickens and crystalizes faster than usual.
  4. Tomatoes alter in texture and flavor when refrigerated.
  5. Hot sauce can be kept in a cabinet for three years.
  6. Bread turns hard and dry when refrigerated. In order to last longer you can freeze it or keep it in a paper bag covered with cloth towel.
  7. Fresh herbs and basil wither while refrigerating, and absorb the other fragrances in the fridge.
  8. Onions turn musty and mushy.
  9. Potatoes turn gritty and dry, and lose their taste.
  10. Melons will lose their antioxidants kept in a fridge.
  11. Olive oilis by no means kept in a fridge. It will condensate and become hard as butter. Keep it in a cooldark place.
  12. Hard liquor, store it in a liquor cabinet or cupboard.

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