Mix 1 Drop Of Oregano Oil And Water And See What Happens To Your Lungs…

Spring is coming, the winter is over, and the flowers are blooming. This scene is ideal only for some of us, but for the rest that suffer from allergies, a horrible season starts. Trips to nature are becoming impossible because of the increased pollen and animal dander which rapidly triggers allergies. However, these are not the only allergens; cigarettes and fragrances additionally irritate and make outside life impossible.

How to treat these allergies?

Basically, allergens are everywhere, inside and outside. For instance, well-known irritants are: dust, mold, smoke, perfume fragrances and a variety of cleaning products. The body reacts by releasing histamine to the cells found in the lungs and nose. Histamine connects to receptors in blood vessels causing them to enlarge. This results in allergic reactions such as inflammation, swelling, and the bothersome itching.

There are lot of anti-allergy medications, shots, and steroids. The problem is that they all contain the same component the antihistamine, which can cause many side effects like blurred vision, confusion, dry mouth, sleepiness and dizziness. So, in order not to succumb to dazed condition, there is an easy natural solution for this problem.

Oregano oil  is a great natural treatment that fights annoying allergic reactions. It does not only fight allergies, but as well as, other infections like fungi and yeast, colitis, cancer, inflammation, asthma, and respiratory infections. Also it is a natural treatment for toenail fungus, warts and moles. However, it does not help for open injuries.

Lung Cleansing with oregano oil

  • Put it in your diffuser and inhale it during the day. However, if you don’t have a diffuser you can put one or two drops onto your palm, then rub your palms to warm it, and breathe in. Don’t forget to wash your hands especially before touching your eyes.
  • Mix honey with one drop of essential oregano oil into warm water. You should mix it quite often as essential oils can separate from water.

It is recommended to preform this treatment consequently for 10 days. As any overuse, it can kill the beneficial good bacteria or provoke liver toxicity.

Note: Oregano oil is not recommended for babies and children. Also pregnant or nursing mothers are disinclined from using oregano oil. Likewise it is not recommended for those with diabetes as it may decrease blood glucose levels.

Please be aware that this information come from different individuals and organizations and may offer alternative or opposing perspectives. You should always consult your doctor about your certain health requirements.

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